March 2025



Today, Australia’s best garden and floral designs were announced at the 2024 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show presented by Scotts. Marking the official opening of the five-day festival, the awards recognised some of the country’s best established and emerging horticultural experts and their enchanting works, showcased throughout Carlton Gardens and the Royal Exhibition Building until Sunday.

Sweeping the Landscape Design Show Garden Competition with five awards, including the coveted City of Melbourne Award of Excellence for Best in Show, was Emmaline Bowman of Stem Landscape Architecture & Design and Liam Riley of ID Landscaping. Inspired by rural Australia through a sustainable lens, the duo’s design entitled “Through The Looking Glass” prioritises minimal impact and celebrates the beauty of nature’s hidden world. Crowned by an iconic Australian windmill, the garden’s accolades also include the Gold Show Garden Award and the Horticultural Media Association Award for best use of plant life.

Tying with Bowman and Riley for the Gold Show Garden Award was “SaltBush”, a visionary design by 2017 Best in Show winner Phillip Withers and Fiona Brockhoff which pays homage to Victoria’s renowned coastline. The recipients of the Silver Gilt Show Garden Award were event debutants Annika Zetterman and Kajsa Björne for their creation “New Nordic Notes”, inspired by their Swedish roots.

Three exceptional gardens tied for the Silver Show Garden Award including “Inner Journey” by Christian Jenkins of Christian Jenkins Landscape Design in collaboration with Margaret River Trees, “Australian Idyll” by Nadia Cole of Platylobium Landscape Design, and “A Moment in Time” by Ireland’s Peter Donegan which features a retired Piper PA-28 Cherokee plane. Riley Cooper of Riley Cooper Landscape Design and Horticulture took out the Bronze Show Garden Award for his category debut entitled, “Gratus”.

Recognising the best of small space garden design, “Innersanctum” by Paul Pritchard Landscape Design, was awarded first place in the 5m x 5m Boutique Garden competition. “In Living Colour” by Panacea Landscapes won the Balcony Garden Award, and “Oasis” by Emma Sheppard and La Muxlow secured first place in the Border Design Competition. Sheppard and Muxlow’s plants will be donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital at the conclusion of the event.

The Challenger Achievable Garden Competition recognised the next generation of horticultural creatives with the Award of Excellencegoing to “Look Within” by Madeleine Holyman and Andrew Sargood from London College of Garden Design. “Mountain Landscape” designed by Seb Ryder from Melbourne Polytechnic, also took out top spot in the Hanging Basket Competition.

In the major floral competitions, Dayne Robinson from Marjorie Milner College and The Posy Crew tied for the Gold Floral Design Award. The enchanting designs of Collectors Corner (Gardenworld), Big Leaf Boutique, and Thrive Flower School also tied for first place in the Visual Display category.

Check out the full list of winners below



Through The Looking Glass designed by Stem Landscape Architecture & Design and ID Landscaping  


Through The Looking Glass designed by Stem Landscape Architecture & Design and ID Landscaping 

SaltBush designed by Phillip Withers and Fiona Brockhoff 


New Nordic Notes designed by Zetterman and Björne 


Inner Journey designed by Christian Jenkins Landscape Design and Margaret River Trees 

Australian Idyll designed by Platylobium Landscape Design 

A Moment in Time designed by Peter Donegan Design & Landscaping  


Gratus designed by Riley Cooper Landscape Design & Horticulture 


Through The Looking Glass designed by Stem Landscape Architecture & Design and ID Landscaping 


Through The Looking Glass designed by Stem Landscape Architecture & Design and ID Landscaping 


Through The Looking Glass designed by Stem Landscape Architecture & Design and ID Landscaping 


1st Place – Innersanctum designed by Paul Pritchard Landscape Design 

2nd Place – Breath of Fresh Air designed by Paul Alexander Landscape 

3rd Place – Coastal Waves designed by Smart Landscapes 


1st Place – In Living Colour designed by Panacea Landscapes 

2nd Place – Elysium “Balc-style” designed by Inspiring Landscape Solutions 

3rd Place – Captivity designed by Darren Chesterfield, and Shootin’ the Breeze designed by Filiform and Maplestone Gardens  


1st Place – Oasis designed by Emma Sheppard and La Muxlow 

2nd Place – Equilibrium designed by Magda Kazmierczak of MK Gardens 

3rd Place – Mermaids Enclave designed by Josie Jones OAM of SHARE Sustainability Agency 


1st Place – Mountain Landscape designed by Seb Ryder from Melbourne Polytechnic

2nd Place – Chrysalis designed by Amy Cheyne

3rd Place – The Gin Garden designed by Belinda Gibson from Melbourne Polytechnic

4th Place – Benett’s Hidden Gem designed by Benett Hernandez

5th Place – Mays vs. Jennings 1 designed by Grace Gavagna

6th Place – Cochenya Cacti designed by Bonnie McPherson

7th Place – Semiramis designed by Diane Rowland

8th Place – Native Meditation Garden designed by Siobhan Byrne from Melbourne Polytechnic

9th Place – Rebecca Haydon

10th Place – Flowers By Vincy designed by Vincy Yau


Award of Excellence – ‘Look Within’ by Madeleine Holyman & Andrew Sargood from London College of Garden Design 

Best Use of Plant Life – Ellen Freeman from Holmesglen 

Creative Space Award – Leigh Hudson from Melbourne Polytechnic 


‘Look Within’ by Madeleine Holyman & Andrew Sargood from London College of Garden Design 

Leigh Hudson from Melbourne Polytechnic 

Ellen Freeman from Holmesglen 


Zoe Hibberson from Holmesglen 


Justin Rhodes from Melbourne Polytechnic 

Sebastian Blacket from Holmesglen 

Taylah Priestly from Advanced Community College 


Jamie Greentree from Melbourne Polytechnic  

Angelo Cammaroto from Open Colleges 



The Posy Crew 

Marjorie Milner College Designed by Dayne Robinson 


The Gordon 

Pinkie Promise Designed by Dayne Robinson 


Canberra Sustainable Floristry Group with Canberra Institute of Technology 

Smithers Oasis by Richard Go Designs 

Ikebana International Melbourne 


Florals by Pemberley of Malmsbury 

Botany & Grown Not Flown 

Box Hill Institute Floristry 

Flowers by Nici 

Wildblooms Floristry



Collectors Corner, Gardenworld 

Big Leaf Boutique 

Thrive Flower School 


Alchemy Orange 

Sarah Coffey 


Floral Architecture  


1st Place – Kristina Bircak from Krystalis 

2nd Place – Linh Hoang from Florii Flower Studio 

3rd Place – Kristin McFarlane  


1st Place – Monique Kane of Melbourne Polytechnic 

2nd Place – Chinh Chung of Holmesglen Institute 

3rd Place – Jasmine Watson of Box Hill Institute 


1st Place – Zoe Roberts of Marjorie Milner College  

2nd Place – Chantal Williams of Melbourne Polytechnic 

3rd Place – India Robinson of Marjorie Milner College 


1st Place – Dayne Robinson 

2nd Place – Wenjuan Liu 

3rd Place – Jasmine Woodward  

The 2024 Hanging Basket Winners

The Hanging Basket Competition was created to encourage variety, creativity and providing a blank canvas to all participants. The mantra remains for all participants to have fun and challenge themselves.

As a result, virtually anything is fair game as long as it can be successfully grown in a basket, with the only conditions listed in the Judging section below.

Check out the top 10 from the 2024 Hanging Basket Competition!

1st Place: Mountain Landscape – Seb Ryder

2nd Place: Chrysalis – Amy Cheyne

3rd Place – The Gin Garden – Belinda Gibson

4th Place – Bennet’s Hidden Gem – Benett Hernandez

5th Place: Mary vs Jennings – Grace Gavagna

6th Place: Chochenya Cacti – Bonnie McPherson

7th Place: Semiramis Diane Rowland

8th Place: Native Meditation Garden – Siobahn Byrne

9th Place: Rebecca Haydon

10th Place: Flowers by Vincy – Vincy Yau

The Stimming Garden

2024 saw the return of the Border Garden Competition, this exciting competition is a platform to help emerging garden designers and experts show what is possible to achieve in a tiny space with a sole focus on plants. The focus here is on all plants and making the greenlife the star of the space! This year, Valley Care created the “Stimming Garden” to share what it’s like for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and explore the ASD Bain. We herd from Brad Giraud the owner of Valley Care, and Charlton who worked within the team who created the Border Garden.

The Stimming Garden 

The garden was originally thought of by one of our support workers Erin Mclaine, Erin wanted to get an insight into Autism Spectrum Disorder and how the staff with ASD felt at work. She wanted this project to be from the staff with disabilities without someone influencing their decisions, to get a good picture of what ASD looks like to them. The staff has come up with a design that incorporates a grass-covered chair in the middle of the garden with plants representing the staff’s feelings around work and their disability.

The general concept is that the ASD brain needs structure and order to feel safe and function well. The chair represents the peace and calm of stimming (repetitive behaviors to help cope with strong emotions) and the garden represents the chaos we can feel in the workplace when we are pushed and challenged to grow. The staff with disabilities have been supported to achieve this garden on their merit with support staff taking a big step back in this process. 

Valley Care 

Brad Giraud from Valley Care took us through the proc

“I started Valley Care six years ago after running a small landscape gardening business for four years. At the time I was working alongside my brother who had come from working as a disability support worker. We decided that we wanted to help people with disabilities achieve more than they were in sheltered workplaces. We wanted to provide a pathway to open employment and were passionate about having a workplace with a mix of people with and without disabilities. We saw that in many workplaces employing people with disabilities there were just many people with disabilities, doing basic tasks, getting paid as low as $1.78 an hour it was a system started in the 60s that is well outdated.

We researched and looked around at other models and couldn’t find someone doing it well, so we decided to just start employing people with disabilities and work it out. Six years later we have a flourishing team of 13 with disabilities and 8 without, in a workplace that functions like any other landscape gardening company. Two of the guys with disabilities have even grown to lead both of our garden teams. The dream now is to show other ‘normal’ businesses that they can do what we have done. We have created the future of disability in the workplace, a way of full inclusion and opportunity and we want to share that with the world so that more people with disabilities can be empowered through purpose. We can’t employ everyone with a disability so it is time to teach others to have lasting change to disability culture in Australia for the better. The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show for Valley Care is about promoting the ability to break down barriers for people with a disability, inspiring people to what they can achieve, and showcasing Valley Cares’ model of employment.”

2024 Show Program

In the Show Program you will find important Visitor Information, the Show Map, our Show Features, Main Stage Schedule, our Exhibitor List and so much more!

Nature’s Skincare: Aromatherapy

Natio’s signature skincare range, Aromatherapy, serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to harnessing the power of nature to rejuvenate and enhance your skin’s health. At its core lies the product ethos and principles of Aromatherapy, a process that combines the precise blending of pure essential oils extracted from aromatic flowers and plants to help balance, treat and relax the mind, body and spirit.

Natio Founder, Max Ross explains his dedication to ensuring that each product remains gentle and effective, “Over three decades, we have developed the world’s best practices for infusing natural ingredients in our products, to ensure that they remain gentle, effective and skin friendly to the very last drop.”

Drawing upon the natural formulations and science spanning over 100 years, the Aromatherapy range epitomises Natio’s commitment to providing fuss free solutions for achieving radiant skin. With each product, they strive to deliver a seamless blend of nature’s nurturing power and modern skincare expertise, empowering you to love being you, naturally and with confidence.

At the heart of the heritage Aromatherapy range, are the meticulously selected ingredients renowned for their exceptional skincare benefits. From the soothing properties of Calendula, to the rejuvenating effects of Evening Primrose, each ingredient is carefully selected to address specific skin needs while promoting overall health and wellbeing of the skin.

Some plant extracts include that are featured in the signature Aromatherapy synergistic blends are:

Calendula: naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties to help calm redness and inflammation and ease skin discomfort.
If you are looking for a product that features the support of calendula, try the Eye Contour Treatment Gel, which over time helps to revive the delicate eye area, promoting a more refreshed and rested appearance.

Evening Primrose: Most known for promoting a healthy, clear, rejuvenated complexion helping to address roughness, wrinkles, redness, dryness, and irritation.
For a product that using the power of antioxidants to help reduce the negative effects of pollution, to promote a supple healthy-looking complexion try the best-selling Evening Primrose Moisturising Face Lotion.

Vitamin E: has been found to help delay the onset of wrinkles and work to preserve moisture for firmer, hydrated looking skin. Natural Vitamin E Moisturising Cream features a nourishing blend of jojoba, and Almond oils formulated with a unique combination of Vitamin E to deliver lasting moisture to skin.

Shea Butter: best known for conditioning the skin and in order to wake to pillowy soft skin, Natio recommends the Extra Firming Night Time Moisture Balm, which has been formulated with a powerhouse of hydrating hyaluronate, Shea Butter and replenishing Ceramides.

Chamomile: contains powerful antioxidants including polyphenols and phytochemicals. It has been found to accelerate cell and tissue renewal. You cannot go past customer favourite Rosewater & Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner to refresh your facial skin morning and evening. It features a custom blend of natural essential oils, Chamomile and Rosewater to deliver revived, healthy-looking skin.

In a world inundated with fleeting skincare trends, Aromatherapy remains a timeless classic –  a versatile, multifunctional, and loved range of skincare, offering natural Australian skincare with superior quality and excellent value. The Aromatherapy approach to skincare means you can trust that each formulation is crafted with your skin’s wellbeing in mind.

Embrace the beauty of Aromatherapy and embark on a journey to rediscover your skin’s inner glow and perhaps even discover new favourite products to add to your routine. After all, nature nurtures best.

Shahn Stewart – Pocket Profile

Photography by Henry Trumble

As an Aboriginal-owned enterprise, Alchemy Orange serves as a tangible manifestation of cultural pride, blending the realms of floristry, Organic Architecture, and botanical art. Shahn Stewart, a visionary interdisciplinary artist, infuses her proud Yorta Yorta heritage into Alchemy Orange’s ethos. With a decade-long tenure as a florist, Shahn’s evolution has birthed a contemporary floristry style that echoes her diverse influences. At the helm of Alchemy Orange, Shahn’s creations transcend mere aesthetics, embodying the essence of organic architecture and emphasizing the profound significance of cultural connection through sustainable practices. Her work serves as a conduit for healing Country and fostering a deeper understanding of Aboriginal culture.”

Yorta Yorta artist Shahn Steward is the driving force behind Alchemy Orange. We are thrilled to welcome Shahn to the 2024 #melbflowershow where she will be featured in the all-new hanging installation Blooms Unleashed.

“By embracing these often overlooked materials, I pay respect to Country and to the ever-unfolding inspiration it provides. This activation encourages viewers to appreciate the boundless creativity found within the natural world. This is Wurundjeri Land, Aboriginal Land. We are guests here on this Country, and it’s an honor to share in its beauty and significance.” – Shahn Stewart

Photography by Melissa Cowan

When/How did you get into the industry?

I left highschool for a full time Floristry traineeship back in 2010, 14 years ago and never looked back. Also being an Aboriginal woman I think a deeply rooted kinship and connection to Country has always been innate, it only made sense to be working in a field where Country was at the forefront of my mind. It’s helped me deepen connections as well which has been invaluable.

What are you most excited about at this year’s #melbflower show?

I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone works inside the criteria for sustainable displays. Once you get rid of harmful and environmentally damaging materials your practice evolves in so many ways. Also I’m really excited for the Inaugural Indigenous Garden, big yes to this.

What is your favourite flower trend of the season?

Reducing the amount of varieties and creating en masse compositions. Feels like there’s been a huge shift away from the traditional, heavily mixed floral arrangements and more so toward more nuanced compositions. Creating something with defined form, depth, texture and colour brings your attention to individual varieties and you can really appreciate them for all that they are

Who has been the biggest influence on your floral career?

There are many, one stand out was my time working under Lisschelle Masters in my earlier years. She would deconstruct a single head of bloom, then meticulously repiece together into this otherworldly sculpture. Our years together showed me to look past a variety’s face value and look deeper into the possibilities. She helped me appreciate a material’s form, line or texture, and also to think outside the box on how it could be used Her work can be found via this link –

Other influences include Florists Frida Kim, Hamish Powell and Fibre artist Tracey Deep. Just all so talented in their own ways.

If you could invite any three people to a garden party who would they be?

Tough one! Only 3? 

I would invite Erykah Badu for bringing the music of the soul

Floral artist Wagner Kreusch because he is excellent, and I’d love to pick his brain

Then probably my beautiful friend/incredible painter Shannon McCulloch because to know him is to love him!

If you had a floristry super power what would it be?

Super strong hand skin so that gloves were never necessary! I am drawn to the most beautiful and spikey materials.

2024 Show Map

The 2024 Show Map is HERE! Plan out your day amongst the blooms and see what’s on offer at this years Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, presented by Scotts

Meet Sustainable Floristry Consultant and Educator

Meet Nadine Brown, one of Australia’s leading sustainable florists and educators on the mission to implement sustainable methods for the next generation of aspiring florists, showcasing minimal environmental impact at the Melbourne International Flower Show.

As a Sustainable Floristry Consultant and Educator, Nadine has provided guidance and mentorship to florists seeking advice on sustainable and ethical floristry methods.

For the first time in the history of the show, the competition criteria has been adjusted to reflect the changing times, bringing sustainability to the forefront. Nadine has been a longtime advocate for revolutionizing the floral industry toward a more environmentally conscious future.

“What an honor to be part of the iconic Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show’s sustainable direction this year. I applaud the organizers for rewarding designers who prioritize environmental and ethical impacts in their display and competition pieces. As the pinnacle of floristry competition nationally and globally, this step represents significant progress for our industry along with consumer awareness. As florists we are immersed in nature daily and understand the power of flowers; it just makes sense to operate our businesses and design in a way that respects the very nature we love! Get ready for unprecedented earth conscious floristry innovation this year!”

Attendees and guests to the show can expect to be captivated by Nadine’s ‘Tunnel of nature Love’ visionary display and immersive Masterclass experience to gain valuable insights into integrating sustainability into their own design and business practices. Prepare to be amazed by the innovative and environmentally conscious floral installations and competition entries at this year’s  Melbourne International Flower Show, as together, we embark on a journey toward an exciting and greener floral industry.

Open Gardens Victoria Student Design Competition winnerto create ‘living pantry’ themed garden at MelbourneInternational Flower and Garden Show

Landscape designer and graduating student of the London College of Garden Design
(Melbourne), Sarah McLauchlan, is the successful recipient of the 2024 Open Gardens Victoria
Student Design Competition. The grant provides up to $10,000 to design and install a garden
at the OGV stand at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, 20-24 March 2024.
“I am absolutely thrilled that my design has been selected as the winning entry. This year’s theme,
The Living Pantry, appealed immensely. The world of edible gardens holds such a special place in
my heart. In fact, I have been crafting an urban edible oasis at my own home for the past seven
years,” says Sarah McLauchlan.

Open Gardens Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that opens private gardens for the
community to enjoy and actively promotes the benefits of gardens and gardening. Now in its
second year, OGV’s design competition is open to Victorian-based horticultural and garden design
students. It supports the development of the next generation of garden professionals, providing
them with key exposure to the horticulture industry and plant lovers at the Melbourne International
Flower and Garden Show, the southern hemisphere’s largest horticulture event.
“The Living Pantry theme is designed to appeal to all, but especially those beginning the journey
towards self-sufficiency. We were looking for entries that encouraged productive gardening and
sound sustainability practices, even in small spaces,” says Dr Karen White, OGV’s Head of

“Sarah’s entry stood out with its strong focus on the theme. Her installation integrates clever design
with attractive, compact, and efficient productive garden spaces, incorporating significant use of
recycled materials and water-wise practices, as well as considering sustenance and habitat for
native fauna. We can’t wait to see how the garden looks once installed!”

Called Nature’s Pantry, Sarah’s winning garden design draws on a childhood spent growing up on
a farm in the south-east Riverina region of NSW, surrounded by an expansive garden, a bountiful
veggie patch, and a flourishing home orchard. The garden’s built elements focus on sustainability,
extensively utilising reclaimed materials such as timber, plywood boards, pallets, reo mesh, and
salvaged pots, all sourced in Sarah’s previous life running a commercial demolition business.

“Nature’s Pantry is conceived as a welcoming haven for visitors to enjoy a feast of nature’s
offerings,” says Sarah. “From pollinator-friendly plants and native grasses to habitats for small
creatures and birds, the space is adorned with perennial edibles, fruit trees, herbs, veggies, and
bush foods. Adding to the charm, there’s a cosy tea garden, inviting visitors to pause and savour
the experience of brewing amidst the flourishing abundance.”

Visit stand B53/B54 at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. You’ll see Sarah
McLauchlan’s winning garden design, Nature’s Pantry, and meet our Open Gardens Victoria
volunteers, who can tell you more about what is coming up for OGV this year.

‘Nature’s Pantry’ will be created on the lands of the Wurundjeri people. Open Gardens Victoria
wish to acknowledge the Traditional custodians and we pay respect to their Elders, past,
present and emerging.

Are You Australia’s Craziest Plant Parent?



Aussies are buying more plants than ever… and it looks like this trend is here to stay with a vast majority of us living in large cities with small spaces, yet still desiring to be surrounded by nature.

The house plant hobby is uniquely compulsive, time-consuming and incredibly fulfilling. We’re sure many urban jungle gardeners would say that there isn’t any greater joy for plant parents than watching a tiny twig propagate into a fully grown plant.

It’s a well-known fact in crazy plant person circles that once you get one plant, you genuinely won’t be able to stop. Your collection will slowly grow and you will soon have lots of little plant babies to tend (and they really are your babies).


Is your fiddle leaf fig not just a mere plant, but part of the family? Every leaf, every flower, every twig is cherished?

Do you love to invest in buying new plants every month… and with every new plant, comes new plant care tools and accessories, new pots, new holder and what not?

Do you lose track of time and realise you’ve spent hours watching gardening tips and hacks on YouTube?


Thanks to Scotts, we’re on the hunt to find the most passionate, crazy, committed plant parents in Australia and are giving away the Ultimate Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show presented by Scotts experience, including

2 X Show Entry Tickets

2 X Floral Workshop Experiences

A table for two at the Challenger ‘Seafood & Sips’ lunchtime session

Simply fill out the form below to be in the running to win!

Are you Australia’s Craziest Plant Parent?




Posted on March 25, 2024

Today, Australia’s best garden and floral designs were announced at the 2024 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show presented by Scotts. Marking the official opening of the five-day festival, the […]

The 2024 Hanging Basket Winners

Posted on March 25, 2024

The Hanging Basket Competition was created to encourage variety, creativity and providing a blank canvas to all participants. The mantra remains for all participants to have fun and challenge themselves. […]

The Stimming Garden

Posted on March 23, 2024

2024 Show Program

Posted on March 19, 2024



With a major focus on emerging lifestyle trends, the Show is set to inspire crowds with breathtaking floral displays and spectacular Show Gardens. Visitors to the show will also experience masterclasses with floral designers, to meet key landscape designers, exhibitors and industry experts, as well as peruse the avenues of exhibitors selling everything from bulbs, plants, tools, trinkets and garden accessories. The prestigious Show is well established in the psyche of Australians as a “must see” event.


Green thumbs of all ages will bee-inspired at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, presented by Scotts, as critters and creativity make for the ultimate family day out! Below […]

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Learn a new skill, or improve an existing one with our experts! From floral workshops to kokedamas to painting display-worthy floral artwork, there is a huge variety of subjects on […]

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Landscape Design Show Gardens
Landscape Design Show Gardens

Stunning gardens by local & international designers

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Border Gardens Competition
Border Gardens Competition

THIS ONE IS FOR THE PLANT LOVERS! The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is seeking applicants for the 3rd edition of the Border Garden Competition presented by the London […]

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Floral Competitions
Floral Competitions

At the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, the gardening and floral industries set the standards in horticulture by bringing together new ideas and the very best plants, products and […]

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Garden Competitions
Garden Competitions

At the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, the gardening and floral industries set the standards in horticulture by bringing together new ideas and the very best plants, products and […]

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Balcony Gardens
Balcony Gardens

2024 will see the return of the Balcony Garden Competition and the competition will be bigger and better! With small-space gardening now a fact of Australian life we are seeing […]

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Grow Your Future
Grow Your Future

Explore how you can grow your future with a career in horticulture. ‘Grow your future’ showcases the innovation and technology in the horticultural industry in partnership with educational and training […]

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Wedding Floral Showcase
Wedding Floral Showcase

Brides and grooms-to-be will be enthralled by the designs at this year’s Wedding Floral Showcase. Bigger and better than ever, this year’s exhibit will give designers the chance to showcase the latest […]

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The Gallery Precinct
The Gallery Precinct

The Gallery Precinct is the ultimate shopping destination of the show where visitors can pick up some beautiful gifts whilst admiring our art exhibition & enjoying the delights of the […]

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The Welcome Garden, Presented by Scotts
The Welcome Garden, Presented by Scotts

The Welcome Garden is a place for visitors to relax, plan their day at the show and participate in the various talks from top designers and growers, as well as […]

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Main Stage
Main Stage

Glean insights into a range of horticultural topics, as well as live demonstrations and floral competitions

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High Tea
High Tea

Enjoy the luxury of The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show’s High Tea

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Landscape Advisory Centre
Landscape Advisory Centre

Free advice from qualified & accredited professionals

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RMIT Floral Fashion
RMIT Floral Fashion

Flora meets Fashion

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Gardens by Twilight
Gardens by Twilight

Experience the Show in a whole new light

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Retail Exhibitors
Retail Exhibitors

Innovative Retail Product Showcase

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Something for everyone

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Art Exhibition
Art Exhibition

Meet the artists

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Sculpture Exhibition
Sculpture Exhibition

Art for your garden

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Great Hall of Flowers
Great Hall of Flowers

Market Fresh Blooms

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Boutique Gardens
Boutique Gardens

Sophisticated designs in a smaller setting

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Challenger Achievable Gardens
Challenger Achievable Gardens

Inspiration for every home

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