20th March - 24th March 2024


Open Floral Competition

In the spirit of fostering a deeper connection with nature, our floral competition not only celebrates the beauty of blooms but also emphasizes minimal environmental impact. Participants are encouraged to explore eco-friendly materials and techniques, showcasing a commitment to the preservation of our precious botanical heritage.

Please refer to the list supplied within this document of banned weeds in Victoria that are prohibited from the Show. If you choose to use an unidentified weed, you will run the risk of it being removed from your design.


Install Timelines

Competitors will have the below timeline to complete their installations:

  • Set-up commences – Tuesday 19th March from 7:30am
  • Set-up concludes – Tuesday 19th March at 4pm sharp
  • Please register between 7:30am and 11:00am

Please note, the site will be accessible from 7:30am on Tuesday 19th March.

Uninstall Timelines

Competitors will have the below timeline to remove their installations:

  • Uninstall commences – Sunday 24th March from 5:30pm
  • Uninstall concludes – Sunday 24th March at 9pm

Site Layout

Competitors will be provided with the following space and inclusions:

  • A stand will be supplied. Dimensions are 90cm H x 60cm L x 60cm W
  • The height the arrangement must not exceed 1.8 metres and the width must be contained within 1 metre.

Competitors should make the following notes with their planning:

  • Must include 60% horticultural material.
  • Your display can be made on site or brought to the event completed.
  • You may choose to either compete & be judged or take part in the display without being judged. If competitors chose to display their business name, it must be covered for judging. 
  • All fresh materials must be conditioned to last five days and water supply must be considered. Water supply will be a part of the structure ie; Container/s, water phials, etc. You can attend to your display before or after the show open/close each day.
  • A business name sign no bigger than 30cm x 10cm can be displayed with your item. Post judging.
  • The display module is to remain as supplied, no cloths or stands are to be placed over the display modules.
  • Under no circumstances are livestock allowed to be incorporated within the display in any way.
  • Limited storage will be available to enable students to “top up” any wilted components within the duration of the show. Any materials left at the conclusion of the show will be destroyed.
  • Power is not provided and is not available on the set up day. Please ensure your design does not require power. You are required to work/construct in a neat and tidy manner. At completion of your piece the floor area must be clean and all rubbish removed. It is suggested that you bring a floor cover with a non-slip base, a brush and pan and a rubbish bag or portable rubbish bin to remove your rubbish at completion.


Entries close on Tuesday 1st March 2024.


Any questions that competitors have prior to the competition day must be forwarded to IMG via email to: Serena.Brookes@img.com



  • 1st Place: $700
  • 2nd Place: $350
  • 3rd Place: $150

Open Floral Design Competition Application

    If you chose to be judged, please make sure your signage is covered at the completion of your set up


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