March 2025


Scotts Osmocote Autumn Gardening Guide

Around The Garden

  • Autumn is a great time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials because the days are cooler, but the soil is still nice and warm. Mix Scotts Osmocote Compost Premium Soil Improver through the original soil at the bottom of planting holes to give your plants the best start.
  • Dead head plants that have finished their summer flowering displays.

In the veggie patch

  • It’s time to think about cool season and winter vegetables. Sow seeds or plant seedlings of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, lettuce, fennel and kale. Use wildlife safe, insect exclusion netting to keep them safe from the hungry White Cabbage Butterfly caterpillars.
  • Autumn is the time to plant coriander, parsley and dill in your herb garden.

Seasonal Colour

  • Sow Sweet Peas around St Patrick’s Day for a beautiful display of blooms in early spring.
  • Plant hanging baskets and decorative pots out with cool season flowers including the long flowering pansies and violas.
  • It’s time to plant spring flowering bulbs now and use a controlled release fertiliser to provide them with all the nutrients they need for stunning spring displays.
  • Fertilise cool season flowering plants with Scotts Osmocote Pour+Feed for Flowering Plants for even more blooms

Lawn Care Tips

  • Fertilise your lawn now ahead of winter to make it stronger and better able to resist the cold or even frosts. Use Scotts Lawn Builder All Purpose or Buffalo Granular depending on your lawn type.
  • If your lawn was full of the prickly weed Bindii over summer, autumn is the time to control it using Scotts Lawn Builder Weed, Feed & Green Up.
  • If the speed of your lawns growth slows down with the cooler weather, reduce your mowing frequency.


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