March 2025


Balcony Gardens

2024 will see the return of the Balcony Garden Competition and the competition will be bigger and better!

With small-space gardening now a fact of Australian life we are seeing the emergence of the Balcony Garden trend throughout many parts of Australia. Being without a traditional backyard no longer means we must be without a garden, and the Show is proud to showcase garden designs of all shapes and sizes.

The Balcony Garden Competition adds a unique take on mini landscapes and is a creative opportunity for emerging and established designers to inject a new way of thinking about how we can enhance and embrace the limited space available within our homes.

The task at hand? Create a 2.4m x 1.2m Balcony Garden wonderland! The garden will be viewed by visitors as though they are standing in their living room, looking out over their own fantastical, green balcony oasis. Competitors will be supplied with the steel framework and base and will have 3 days to create their vision.

The Balcony Gardens Competition will profile up to 12 installations at the 2024 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.


Stay tuned for the release of the 2024 balcony garden designers to be announced soon. 




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