20th March - 24th March 2024


Achievable Gardens

In its 17th year, the Achievable Gardens design competition offers students and educational institutions the opportunity to showcase their design skills and horticultural knowledge, promote achievable gardening and encourage the use of high-quality plants in the landscape.

It’s a great learning experience for students, allowing them to go through the process from concept design and project coordination to construction of the show garden. No public event gives students a better introduction to working in the horticultural industry.

Stay tuned for the release of the 2024 achievable garden designers to be announced soon. 


Reece Dellora – Swinburne

Garden Title: Restorative Garden



Tracie Dyson – Swinburne

Garden Title: Old Trees Never Die



Annabel Johnston – Holmesglen TAFE

Garden  Title: Bringing the Mediterranean to Melbourne



Carrie Chen – Swinburne

Garden Title: Restorative Garden



Daniel Althaus – Melbourne Polytechnic

Garden Title: The Circles of Life



Laura Van Wensveen – Holmesglen TAFE

Garden Title: Outback Shinrin-roku



Suzannah Kennett-Lister – Swinburne

Garden Title: Urban Wild



Carla Perry – Melbourne Polytechnic

Garden Title: Orbis



Craig Wilcox – Bendigo Kangan TAFE

Garden Title: Rirakkusu



Josie Wilson – Swinburne

Garden Title: Urban Wild



Oliver Ashworth-Martin – Melbourne Polytechnic

Garden Title: Tea in the Woods



Fleur Clausen – Bendigo Kangan TAFE

Garden Title: 2050 Ready



Pauline Lane – Swinburne

Garden Title: It’s Not Nothing




Clair Derwort – Bendigo Kangan TAFE

Garden Title: Teva Nook






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