March 2025


Boutique Gardens

The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show will once again host the Boutique Garden Competition – a unique opportunity for Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects both professional and emerging to participate at The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Stay tuned for the release of the 2024 boutique garden designers to be announced soon. 


Garden: Mother Ocean

Design: Althaus Landscape Designs

Construction: Klaycon Landscape Construction

Owned by Daniel Althaus, Althaus Landscape Designs, are passionate about working closely with their clients to create a space that is unique and reflects who they are as well as their individual needs.

Daniel and the team at Althaus Landscape Designs, are excited to be showcasing their “Mother Ocean” design at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show this year.

Mother Ocean is a garden that transcends traditional landscaping, symbolising a profound shift in our approach to gardening and our connection with the natural world. This visionary garden encourages us to depart from the rigid, man-made designs that have long dominated our landscapes and instead embrace a more naturalistic aesthetic that promotes environmental well-being.

Daniel is thrilled to be showcasing his work at MIFGS 2024. “It’s an incredible opportunity to showcase a snapshot of what Althaus Landscape Designs is capable of as a design business. It allows me to be completely free and creative, not unlike a painting in an art gallery.”

Experience “Mother Ocean” for yourself at Site B01a.



Garden: Coastal Waves

Design: Smart Landscapes

Construction: Smart Landscapes


Smart Landscapes is a full-service landscaping solution on the Mornington Peninsula. They design, build, and maintain beautiful gardens that will complement and enhance the architecture of your home.

Craig and his team at Smart Landscapes are excited to be a finalist in the Boutique Gardens competition this year with their design of “Coastal Waves.”

“Coastal Waves” celebrates the many vibrant and textural plants indigenous to the Peninsula. Aside from being beautiful, these natives require less water, resulting in long-term cost savings and ultimately helping to preserve one of our most valuable resources, water. The species featured in our garden play an important role in creating habitats for many birds and other native wildlife, as well as being vital in reducing soil erosion.

Craig is thrilled to have their garden selected as one of the finalists and is most excited about “building a garden which connects to where we work and live on the Mornington Peninsula. Building the garden with the team will be a personal highlight for me.”

Make sure you check out Coastal Waves at Site B01b.

(03) 5975 2231


Garden: Open Air

Design: Esjay Landscapes + Pools

Construction: Esjay Landscapes + Pools


Esjay Landscapes + Pools are a boutique landscape design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Over the past 20 years, the business has evolved and grown, curating a diverse portfolio of luxury residential properties, designing and building liveable gardens and outdoor spaces for some of Victoria’s most enviable homes.

Business Directors Sam & Emily Collie along with the team at Esjay Landscapes + Pools  are excited to be showcasing their “Open Air” design at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden show this year.

Being in nature and fresh, open air is proven to be successful in boosting mood, decreasing stress, and reducing high blood pressure and heart rate. Esjay Landscapes + Pools are thrilled that our entry “Open Air” has been selected as a finalist in the 2024 Boutique Gardens Competition.  Unhindered by the small area, their team wanted to capture the beauty and tranquillity of an outdoor space at home, and demonstrate that through harnessing water flow and whimsical plantings, harmony and modern aesthetics collide for the ultimate courtyard – a place to relax, wind down and be at one with the world outside.

You can experience “Open Air” at Site B01c

03 9888 8625


Garden: Breath of Fresh Air

Design: Paul Alexander Landscape

Construction: ACM OUTDOORS



Paul Alexander Landscape is an industry leading landscape design studio. They’re known for their innovative approach to residential landscape projects, delivering highly responsive design outcomes that are sensitive to both site and context.


Paul Alexander Landscape is a finalist in the 2024 Boutique Garden competition, bringing their design of “Breath of Fresh Air” to the show. The garden design concept draws inspiration from an emerging architectural approach that accentuates the intersection between landscape and built environment. In response to this approach the design of the garden emphasises the natural environment, while architectural elements assume a secondary role as sculptural complements. A rearranging of priorities that constitutes a refreshing change. The central design ethos involves an integration of abundant greenery. Simultaneously, architectural structures are conceived as unobtrusive sculptural arches. These arches, conceived with lightweight materials and permeable forms, maintain a harmonious dialogue with the surrounding environment. They function as both design elements and symbolic gateways, facilitating the interaction between vegetation and structure.

The team at Paul Alexander Landscape are very excited to be a part of MIFGS 2024 and we are looking forward to showcasing the creativity we try to bring to all of our projects to a much larger audience. “We have used the opportunity to propose a show garden we hope will prove an inspiration to show visitors.”

Ensure you check out “Breath of Fresh Air” at Site B01d



Garden: Innersanctum

Design: Paul Pritchard Landscape Design

Construction: Adam Hompas Landscapes


Paul Pritchard Landscapes have been creating beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces throughout Melbourne and its surrounds for almost 20 years. Paul designs with a passion to create spaces, that provide a complementary fusion of nature, function and design while accommodating each client’s individual needs and desires.

Paul brings the design “Innersanctum” to the show this year. “Innersanctum” connect with your inner sanctum in our idyllic plunge pool and courtyard garden, where tranquility meets luxury in pure harmony. This stunning outdoor retreat has been meticulously designed to provide a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a seamless blend of natural beauty and modern amenities.

Paul is excited to be returning to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this year and is looking forward to initial comradery that all garden producers share and “being part of an International event that showcases the imagination and skill of our industry on a world stage.”

Ensure you check out “Innersanctum” at Site B01e.

0412 346 867



See below the winners of the 2023 Boutique Gardens:

First Place – Stratis Landscape Architects

Second Place – Riley Cooper Landscape Design & Horticulture

Third Place – Paul Pritchard Landscape Design



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