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Who are we?

The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) has been the voice of Victorian farmers and rural communities since 1979, helping to create a sustainable and socially responsible agricultural industry connecting with all Victorians.

We’re an active and an influential lobby dedicated to the interests of farmers and making a difference to communities. With a strong record of successful political advocacy and leadership, we’ve helped deliver substantial benefits for farmers and regional Victorians for decades.

Even though farming has its own natural challenges from droughts, bushfires and floods, our members have collectively earned the VFF a reputation as a respected leader, contributor and advocate.

What do we do?

We represent all farmers across the state, including dairy, livestock, grains, horticulture (including flower growers and beekeepers), chicken meat, eggs and pigs, who combined, make an enormous contribution to Victoria’s economy and employ thousands of people in every corner of Victoria.

As a member focussed organisation, with every member we gain, our voice becomes stronger. Being a member of Victoria’s largest farm advocacy group, gives you the assurance that your needs and requirements as a farmer are being heard. Your commitment to the VFF ensures we can continue doing what we do best – fighting for the rights of Victorian farmers.

How do we support our local flower industry?

Victoria’s flower industry is a big part of what we do and who we advocate on behalf of. Incorporated into our horticulture membership, we strive deliver to a united voice for Victorian growers on horticultural issues to all levels of government.

It represents food producers growing tree fruit, berries, vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, grapes and cut flowers. It also includes beekeepers who provide an essential pollination service to the horticulture and grains industries.

The Victorian horticulture sector at last count has over 3,700 horticultural businesses and a farm gate value of around $2.4 billion.

The industry employs 50,000 full time employees which increases significantly during the November to March harvest period. This makes the industry a significant contributor to the Victorian economy, particularly in rural and regional areas.

What do we stand for?

It’s clear that we stand for famers, but what’s an example of how we help make a difference?

When it comes to our local flower industry, we’ve been a leading voice in calling for the introduction of ‘country of origin’ information to be provided to consumers when buying flowers, so they can make an informed decision.

During COVID-19, even amidst wedding cancellations and a last-minute lockdown during Valentine’s Day, demand for locally grown flowers surged as international border restrictions put a handbrake on international flower imports.

This was one of the very few times when consumers could be confident that the flowers they were buying were coming from local suppliers. We think consumers should have the opportunity to know where their flowers come from and the option of supporting local.

Victoria is a big producer of the total amount of Aussie flowers, roughly supplying 60 per cent. However, up to 50 per cent of the flowers available are actually imported.

Where are they coming from? 40 per cent of the flowers that consumers buy are imported from as far away as Ecuador, Kenya, Singapore, Columbia, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

And why is this a problem? The reliance on imported flowers and foliage presents a substantial threat to Australia’s horticultural and agricultural industries. Of all goods imported into Australia, cut flowers and foliage represent the highest rate of live pest interceptions by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture. It of course also takes money offshore and doesn’t support our local growers.

How do you help us?

Get involved. We have a range of memberships available, no matter what you farm and even if you don’t!

When you’re a VFF member, not only to you join Victoria’s largest group of farmers helping to advocate on all of the pressing issues, you get access to a range of exclusive member benefits and discounts on behalf of our wide-range of VFF partners.

Join today and learn more

Becoming a VFF member is easy and we have a number of options to ensure you get what you’re after.

Visit our website at vff.org.au to read more today or call the team on 1300 822 833 to chat to one of our team and discuss how we can make the VFF work for you.


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