March 2025


Why Plants are the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for that Special Someone in your Life

Many Aussies have woken up today scrambling to find a Valentines gift for their loved one that is the perfect balance between sentimental and practical. The team from Scotts Osmocote have come to the rescue with an easy and unique option to express your love while also providing the recipient with a lasting memory: an indoor plant!

Orchids: The pop of orchid’s bright purple and pink colour makes for the perfect gift and as an added bonus, they require minimal watering. However, they will be happier if you do give them a little feed, so it might be smart to gift wrap some plant food with the orchid to give them the best chance of survival with their new plant parents. Just try not to forget that orchids are like Goldilocks – they must be placed in a position that is not too hot and not too cold. 

Calathea medallion: Calathea medallion plants are intriguing to look at, the leaves come with an ornate design and most species leaves come with a purple back. These plants are perfect for someone who wants to add some colour to their home or office. Calathea medallions are commonly called ‘prayer plants’ because their leaves open and close throughout the day depending on the time of day and how much light they are receiving. Remember to water calathea medallions once a week and ensure not to overwater. 

Monstera deliciosa: If you aren’t sure what to buy someone that is short of time or spends long hours in an office, monstera deliciosa might be the perfect gift. This plant thrives indoors in warm climates, but remember to leave them out of direct sunlight. Investing in a quality Indoor Potting Mix will ensure the wackily named ‘swiss cheese plant’ will receive the nutrients that it needs to flourish. Like many indoor plants, don’t forget that the Monstera Deliciosa only needs to be watered every now and again.

Lucky bamboo: Lucky bamboo is known as one of the most attractive indoor plants due to its bright green leaves and versatile design, making it the perfect gift for those with a minimalist style. Lucky bamboo will thrive when growing in both water and soil and is not very needy. Remember to place the bamboo in light, but not in sun and trim the leaves that might be yellowing. This plant is considered to bring good luck according to the principles of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. 

Succulents: If you are looking for a quick gift for someone who is a new plant parent, a succulent is an easy choice. Succulents come in many forms and all they need to thrive is indirect, but bright light, soil that drains well and a bit of water every couple of weeks. Pair your succulent gift with a liquid plant food that will provide an instant boost of nutrients for optimum health and growth, while also making sure that the succulents look their best all year round. 

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