March 2025


Matthew Landers – Pocket Profile

One of Australia’s most well-known and influential floral designers Matthew Landers has been a powerhouse within the Australian floral industry for over 20 years.

Matthew grew up surrounded by flowers and bustling business his mother Linda Landers made sure that Matthew was put to work from a young age learning the family business and being given the resources to pursue floristry as a career.

From age 13 to 23 Matthew won over 50 1st places in local, regional, national and international competitions this included winning the WA Interflora Junior Florist of the Year seven years in a row as well as winning Gold at Worldskills and the coveted Australian Interflora Florist of the Future 2007. In recent years Matthew noted Wins at RHS Tatton Park (Manchester, UK) Silver Medal 2016, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show Gold Medal 2017 & 2018, RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017 (Bronze Medal), 2018 & 2019 (Silver Medal).

In 2004, Matthew completed his formal training and with the help of his Mother Linda and purchased his first retail Florist in Perth. Over the following years, this expanded to having multiple stores across Perth. In 2009, Matthew wanted to explore opportunities overseas and live there full-time. At this time, Matthew and Linda sold their empire and Matthew committed to living internationally full-time.

In the coming years, Matthew was fortunate enough to spend time working with some of the world’s leaders in floral design and fashion. This has included celebrity weddings, high-profile and International Fashion events. Matthew also spent time in residence with a major International Hotel as well as teaching and learning, across the globe.

After returning to Australia in late 2011, it was obvious to Matthew to move things on to the ‘next level’. Matthew re-established a high-end Florist “Matthew Landers” and opened a one-of-a-kind Private Training Provider “Matthew Landers Academy” in Victoria Park, Perth. With a truly unique and charismatic style, Matthew has used his midas touch to turn business again into another huge success.

Pocket Profile

What can you tell us about your display at the Show?
This year, I’m focused on the contrast of waste and beauty. In essence I’m going to create a huge pile of rubbish, then watch the beauty emerge though it.

What are you most excited to see at the show this Year?
Gardens by Twilight on the Friday evening is always the highlight of the show for me. Viewing all of the show gardens and displays with their lighting is magical!

What is your favourite current industry trend?
Bold and daring colour choices. We saw monochrome for such a long time and now the colour palettes are exploding! Vibrant choices to match scenery, rather than 14 shades of nude.

What sustainable practices have you seen highlighted in the industry at the moment?
Huge shift away from Floral Foam. It’s wonderful! As a millennial who has worked full time in the industry for over 20 years, I have seen the shift from irresponsible use to responsible use, to the literal phase out of Floral Foam. Its great to see other practices and methods used that existed long before it was ever invented originally.

Where do you find inspiration?
Art and design. Form, colour and texture are things that inspire my designs. I look to the Milan Design and Maison & Objet (Paris) Fairs each year to fill my cup with inspiration. My eyes are always open when it comes to inspiration, you see it in the strangest places. Just last week I went to a hideously pretentious restaurant in Sydney and the colours of the food on the plate were magical together – Cut to me making floral arrangements in the same palette this week!

Fast Five

Favourite Flower?

What flower will always be in fashion no matter how much times passes?
Garden Roses. You’ll find them in more art history than any other flower.

Pineapple on a pizza?
Pineapple on EVERYTHING! Jacket potatoes, Pizza, Burgers, Ice cream…..Chuck it in the deep fryer and whirl out the chicken salt, I’m there!

Favourite Season?
Autumn 400% My dream would be to chase Autumn around the world constantly.

Most underrated flower?
Wattle. The most intoxicating fragrance and vibrant colour! Also, a true symbol of ‘seasonal’.


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