March 2025


Inge Jabara – Pocket Profile

Inge has loved plants and gardens since she was very young. From the age of five she was taught by her grandfather the art and ways of horticulture. Her company, which she established as sole owner in 2009, is the fruition of her lifelong dream to design and build beautiful landscapes.

With an Associate Degree of Environmental Horticulture, Inge is brimming with ideas and innovations for creative Australian landscapes, and is a sought-after speaker and television consultant on the subject. As IJL’s Founder and Chief Designer, Inge leads a team of passionate and skilled people, who all share her belief that the process of having your garden created should be an easy process.

When it comes to your landscape design, construction and maintenance, Inge’s Team will manage or oversee every critical aspect, from plant selection and lighting, to drainage and secondary structures. The result will be a unique and timeless creation that is certain to be the envy of the neighbourhood. A mother of two small children, Inge is still very active in her company however has progressed into a Director role and manages the onboarding of Design Clients. Between filming TV Shows she loves to travel with her family to gardens far and abroad.

Pocket Profile

What can you tell us about your garden at the show?

Looking at the lunaria seed pod, I was inspired by its lovely shape as an individual pod but also as a branch of pods. The Translucently of them was also inspiring the thought of letting the light to where the seed is held reminds me of letting light into a home. It then inspired me to create this theatrical and futuristic show garden that from above carries the same branch like shapes with pods at the end of each point. The word ‘Pod’ invoking a question: ‘What if we created a living space that was inspired from the living environment?”. ‘Lunaria Pods’ Was born. This futuristic green living space that has traditional elements such as Cooking, Dinning, Sitting and Reflection connected by pathways all while being nestled within a green woodland. You can imagine how this pod community would expand as it would be a continuation of the branch and pod structures to create a larger fabric of community.

What are you most excited to see at the show this year?

The hanging basket competition and my fellow show garden entries  

What is your favourite current industry trend?

Choosing sustainable and recycled materials to reduce waste for your garden. Buying used and styling up. Ie Outdoor Furniture

What sustainable practices have you highlighted in your garden?

  • All concrete will be 100% recycled after show ends
  • All soil and Mulch will be 100% recycled
  • Roof structures (Built by Lump) will be installed at a project 2024
  • 100% plants to be returned to nursery
  • Turf to go to green waste
  • Ponds to be returned
  • Sculpture to be returned
  • Timber subfloors to be recycled

Fast Five

Favourite Flower/Plant? Lunaria

Pineapple on a pizza? NO HELL NO

Gardening Gloves or Bare Hands? Bare Hands NO gloves

Favourite Season? Winter-So much to do in the garden that makes so much difference in summer

Foliage or Flora? Foliage


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