March 2025


How To Have A Green-Thumb In Any Size Home

Being a plant parent is one of the most rewarding jobs that you can have, but small living situations can often stop you from having the plant family of your dreams. But don’t fret, there are many alternatives such as terrariums and miniature herb gardens which are perfect for displaying plants in small areas. 

Herb gardens in glass jars: Why not display your favourite herbs like basil, rosemary, oregano and thyme in glass jars? To give you the best chance at herb garden success, make sure to pick seeds that are in season. Layer the bottom of your jar with pebbles or marbles and top with Scotts Osmocote Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Premium Potting Mix that will provide your new herbs with valuable nutrients to keep them happy all day long. For the best display and easy access to go-to herbs, try placing your herbs on your windowsill.

Vertical gardens: You can jazz up any bare wall by creating a vertical garden full of your favourite plants. A pre-made vertical garden is worth the investment and will streamline your planting process. Better yet, if you have a few recyclable containers you can get creative and even construct your own DIY vertical garden. Plants like golden pothos, devil’s ivy and cast iron plants are perfect for indoor vertical gardens because they are hardy and easy to care for. 

Terrariums: If you have a fishbowl, small vase or any glass jars, you can make your own mini terrarium. Start off by laying some white pebbles, then some horticultural charcoal and soil at the bottom of your chosen container. Purchase some resilient plants such as watermelon peperomia, baby tears and air plants. For the best results, remember to use Scotts Osmocote Pour+Feed for Indoor Plants as this will ensure your terrarium stays happy and healthy. To finish, why not decorate your little masterpiece with geometric crystals or shells and invest in some battery operated lights to take your terrarium from day to night. 

Eggshell succulent garden: Succulents are likely to grow in any environment, so why not create a mini garden sanctuary in eggshells that you can display on your bathroom vanity. Eggshell gardens are great for the environment, they are biodegradable and once the root system is established your succulents can be placed directly in pots with no waste from the shells. Just remember to clean your eggshells thoroughly before filling with soil for the best results. 

Mini-hydroponic plants: Hydroponic or water plants are perfect for people who have little space but also want to use plants as an art feature in the home. To start, gather some different sized glass vases and some of your plant clippings, but remember to wash your clippings to remove any dirt or impurities.


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