March 2025



Indoor plants are a great way to add some colour into your home and with so many varieties available you will be spoilt for choice. At first, raising new plant babies can be tough, but with the right knowledge and products your indoor plants will be thriving in no time. 

An incredible 18 million Australians have adopted an Indoor Plant in the last few years (Source: Plant Life Balance Trend Report 2020) and it’s no wonder as indoor plants are a great way to add decorative elements with health benefits to their living spaces. Whether you are a beginner or expert in the world of indoor plants, there are a variety of tips and tricks to assist every skill level 

Tip #1 Offer your plants a drink, but don’t give them too much: You should always check to see if your indoor plants want a drink before giving them some water. Check the moisture level by placing your finger directly in the soil. If your finger comes out a little dry, it’s time to give your plant child some water. Your indoor plants will have a better chance at survival if they have been a little under-watered rather than being over-watered. 

Tip #2 Feed your plants, better than you feed yourself: So that your plant babies live their best lives, you should always invest in an indoor plant food specifically formulated to keep them healthy by providing a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Not only is Osmocote Pour+Feed for Indoor Plants specifically formulated to meet all the needs of your plants it is easy to use, no mixing, no mess.

Tip #3 Highlight your plant’s best angles: Not all plants have the same lighting requirements and some need more than others, so make sure to research what level of light your plants require. A good rule to live by is, if it is too dark in the room to read a book, it is generally too dark for indoor plants to reside in. Keep in mind that when the seasons change so does the positioning of the sun, so you might have to make some small location adjustments at the beginning of each season. 

Tip #4 Select the perfect potting mix: Selecting the perfect potting mix is very important when planting indoor plants. You want to select a premium indoor potting mix with the Australian Standard Red tick, which ensures that the mix has been manufactured to comply with premium Australian Standards. Scotts Osmocote Premium Indoor Potting Mix is a unique formula that doesn’t contain compost or pine bark which are known to shelter insects like fungus gnats. It also includes coir and sphagnum peat to aid in water holding and perlite to help improve aeration and drainage. 
Tip #5 Remember to style your indoor plants: Indoor plant parents must remember to groom their babies in order to keep them happy and healthy. Cut off any browning or discoloured leaves and check for pests that might have taken up residence on your plants. Even if your plants are thriving, it’s a good idea to prune them occasionally to keep them healthier for longer.


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