March 2025


Chin Liew – Pocket Profile

2022 Emergent Gardens Winner Chin Liew returns to design two dedicated entertainment stage gardens which will host musicians playing live music throughout the five days.

‘Sound of Colour’ and ‘Colour Muse’ created by Chin Liew celebrates the joy and energy that colour can bring.

These two vibrant gardens will showcase a wide variety of plants, with maximum colour!

What can you tell us about your gardens at the Show?

The Entertainment Stage Gardens will provide a unique setting for the variety of musicians performing during the Show. Get ready for a lot of colour!

‘Sound of Colour’ is a colourful, vibrant garden where flowers are the hero of the garden.

‘Colour Muse’ features a rainbow of colour moving around a central stage enveloped by plants.

These gardens focus on softscaping and show that even with minimal hardscaping, you can create great impact and atmosphere in a garden with plants and colours.

What are you most excited to see at the show this year?

The different gardens and people from the industry. I love how people from all over the industry come together at this event to create amazing garden spaces.

What is your favourite current industry trend?

Edible plants being incorporated into gardens more flexibly (for example, mixed with other planting in garden beds) rather than needing to be in dedicated productive garden areas.

What sustainable practices have you seen highlighted in the industry at the moment?

Many people are willing to consider using some recycled materials in their home gardens.

Fast Five

Favourite Flower/Plant

At the moment it’s all things Sanguisorba. I’m also loving the Dahlias which you can find in my Entertainment Stage Gardens!

Pineapple on a pizza?


Gardening Gloves or Bare Hands?

I’m not afraid to use gardening gloves

Favourite Season?


Foliage or Flora?

I love foliage but my two gardens at the Show this year are a celebration of flowers and colour.


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