20th March - 24th March 2024


Charlie Albone – Pocket Profile

What can you tell us about your garden at the Show? 

This garden is one for entertaining, something that will hopefully inspire the crowd but one that also feels achievable. The main features are two shipping containers that have been adapted for entertaining and there is even a roof top garden.

 What are you most excited to see at the show this year

I’m looking forward to meeting Peter Donegan -I’ve been a fan of his for years 

What is your favourite current industry trend? 

I love that people are really experimenting with their plant palettes and creating individual spaces for their clients.

What sustainable practices have you seen highlighted in the industry at the moment?

Did I mention I’m using shipping containers in my show garden?

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Fast Five

Favourite Flower/Plant

Peony – love the flowers

Pineapple on a pizza? 

Only with ham 

Gardening Gloves or Bare Hands 

Bare hand of course

Favourite Season 

Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter 

Foliage or Flora


For more information on Charlie Albone, head to his website HERE


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