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Autumn in the garden is all about planning for what’s ahead.

Wondering what to do in the garden in Autumn (besides cleaning up fallen leaves)? Autumn in the garden is all about planning and prepping to help your garden thrive through the coolers months. The experts at Lawn Solutions Australia are here to make things as seamless as possible.

STEP 1: Show some Love to your Lawn

The healthier your grass is going into the cooler months, the better it will come out the other side in spring.

Lawn Solutions Australia has created an Autumn Lawn Care video series that takes you step by step through everything you need to know. From Lawn Care Fundamentals through to Lawn Nutrition, Weeds and Repair, they’ve got your Autumn Lawn needs covered. 

Ep 1 | Autumn Lawn Care Fundamentals

Ep 2 | Autumn Lawn Nutrition

Ep 3 | Cool Season Weeds

Ep 4 | Repairing or Installing New Turf

Check out more helpful tips and tricks on the Lawn Solutions Australia YouTube channel

STEP 2: Save a Few Pennies on your Plants!

In the next few weeks you will begin to find some bargains at your local nursery with the introduction of bare-rooted stock.

You can save a a few pennies if you can hold out until this time of year, when the deciduous trees are pulled from their pots and their roots placed in a large planter box or bag filled with sawdust and other bare-rooted stock.

Plants such as weeping cherries, crab apples, many spring-flowering fruit trees and roses are all found in bare-rooted stock areas, and can be purchased at a fraction of the price they would during the rest of the year.

By planting bare-rooted stock now you won’t be provided with much interest, but when spring kicks in you will be witness to a mass of flowers before new leaf growth arrives. Patience is key.

STEP 2: It’s Time to Fertilise!

Autumn is a great time to fertilise your lawn, it’s probably the most important fertiliser application for the year!

If you have a warm season turf variety like buffalo, kikuyu, zoysia or couch, as temperatures decrease over the coming months, so too will the speed at which your grass will grow. This means that if your lawn is a little unhealthy and nutrient poor, it will likely go into winter unprepared for the colder conditions. This will leave it very susceptible to winter weeds, compaction, shade related issues and frost.

The experts from Lawn Solutions Australia recommend applying a balanced fertiliser with micro-nutrients and trace elements that will replace some of the important elements that may have been lost over summer. A slow release granular fertiliser like Lawn Solutions Fertiliser will provide your lawn with nutrients for up to 12 weeks as it gradually breaks down.

STEP 4: Start a Worm Farm

Help aerate your soil and improve root growth with worms. Bury a worm farm in the ground with the top just above ground level so it stays cool, then add layers of wet newspaper in the bottom followed by soil mixed with leaves, shredded newspaper and vegetable scraps.

Add a packet of worms and remember to cover with a shade cloth so birds don’t eat your helpful little friends!

Get in touch with the team at Wormlovers to chat about all things worm farming, composting, water-wise gardening and nutrient cycling!



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