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2021 Outdoor Retail Custom Space Only.


Site Fee
Standard rate             $11,425 + $60 p/sqm over 100sqm (inc GST)
NGIV & FV Members        $10,285 + $50 p/sqm over 100sqm (inc GST)

Should any payment of the Exhibition Fee be payable by you via credit card please note a 1.5% surcharge on all credit cards will apply.

Please note: If your Application is accepted, you will be required to pay a non-refundable 10% deposit upon application to secure your site, a 30% deposit due 30th November 2020 and the balance payment due 31st  January 2021.

A & B Sections: Outside, throughout the Carlton Gardens South. Marked as light purple circles on the show map & any of the green 100sqm sites can be requested as larger custom sites, for consideration by Event Management.

These sites are for retailing garden and home-related products and services. For businesses looking to create a large custom space to suit the needs of their products & customers.

Build Inclusions

Custom space only site 101sqm & larger > one free standing event sign.


  • Build Inclusions, as above
  • Exhibitor listing in the Official Show Program
  • Exhibitor listing on the Show’s official website including hotlink to your business website
  • 10 Access Passes per Show Day for your staffs access
  • Free parking (limited availability) within close proximity during bump in and out days
  • Access to discounted Show tickets to use for promotional purposes


Set Up
Creating a beautifully designed retail space on your site is encouraged. If you plan to create a garden display or build custom structures, for example, you will be required to seek approval from Event Management well in advance of the Show by supplying a design plan with detail of the build & engineering (structures) & ground protection methods for approval.

The setup of the site, including the costs associated, is the responsibility of the exhibitor after booking the space. Supplier contact details for additional products such as marquees, protective flooring, power, lighting etc will be available in the Exhibitor Manual.

Site Access
Set up of your site must be completed within 9 days. Pack up must be completed within 3 days.

Requests for Additional Space
Please do not assume that the space outside your 101+sqm site is available for use, even if it was used in previous years. If you wish to request the use of additional space please submit in writing to Event Management for consideration. An additional site fee will be applied for the extra space.

Marquee Orders
Must be placed through the Show’s official marquee supplier, Harry the Hirer, to ensure it is installed correctly according to the City of Melbourne license conditions.
No other marquee supplier will be granted access to install any marquees.
Your marquee may be set back approximately 1m to 2m from the pathway depending on the location of surrounding trees, the grounds slope etc.

Grass Protection
As a requirement of the City of Melbourne all sites must have a grass protection method in place wherever foot traffic is expected within the site. Where a design is not used to protect the grass, exhibitors must use protective flooring from the Show’s official supplier, No Fuss Events. Please ensure you take this into consideration when designing your site & also order a sufficient amount to cover the space between the path and the start of your site.

If you choose to install your own method of protective flooring you must submit the product details and installation method to Event Management for approval well in advance of move in.

Artificial turf is not permitted to be used as a form of grass protection for display purposes.


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