March 2025


Yard to table

Bring farm-to-table to your home with yard-to-table.

If you haven’t already jumped on the organic food trend, the time is yours.

What is Yard-to-table?

Commonly referred to as farm-to-fork, the concept of this organic movement can be defined as the consumption of organic, locally sourced food from local agriculture.

Why should I start caring about yard-to-table?

The idea behind this concept is that the ingredients are all organic, also meaning that there are no added hormones, pesticides or preservatives in the produce you consume.

It encourages the use of natural products and helps promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Home grown produce is extremely cost-effective, also enabling you to eat the freshest fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Why have an Organic Garden?

  • Fresh every Season

Being a yard-to-table family means you and your family have the freshest, most delicious and seasonal fruit and veg in your own backyard.

  • Teach your Children

Help teach your kids the origins of their foods by getting their hands dirty in the yard. Organic gardening is a great learning experience, it teaches them how food is grown and creates a healthy respect for the environment, creating an interest in nature, and get them outdoors.

  • Make it Easy

Start off small, you don’t need to transform your garden overnight. Start doing some research about seasonal vegetables, and easy to grow herbs. There’s no better way to start learning about growing a veggie and fruit garden than going to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Pick the brains of industry experts, and maybe even purchase a starter kit from one of our retailers.

Garden waste – the circle of life

Organic gardening is all about cycles. From birth to expiry and decomposition, nothing goes to waste within your organic garden ecosystem. It doesn’t have to stop and start in the garden, you can begin contributing to the cycle by composting.

Whether it’s a compost bin, worm bin, or organic garden bin, discard food scraps such as egg shells, coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels and herb scraps creating rich organic soil for your garden, avoiding chemical sprays.

Organically grown food has higher essential vitamins and nutrients that can fight of viruses and are free of carcinogens.

Growing your own produce also results in greatly reducing the intake of harmful chemicals such as growth hormones, pesticides, toxic artificial additives like colouring and preservatives. Children whose diet includes organic food show a level of pesticide six times lower than compared to children on a diet of inorganically grown food.

Spiritual Healing

Gardening has been known to have a spiritual dimension, by lifting one’s spirit. In the process of caring and tending to your garden, the act itself satisfies many basic human needs. Your garden is naturally your safe haven, enabling quiet contemplation and a purpose. Watch the seeds you’ve planted transform into a beautiful, vibrant and abundant plant.

Seize the moment and create your own fresh food stop in your backyard. Ideas can stem from anywhere. If you’re definitely ready to invest in your first yard-to-table garden, pay a visit to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show this March for ideas, inspiration, and even a starter kit.



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