March 2025


The importance of trust when considering your financial options in retirement

When it comes time to considering our financial options in retirement, particularly those decisions which may relate to the family home, senior homeowners value trust and reliability in the businesses they choose to engage with. This is particularly important for some older persons in our community who may be more vulnerable to financial scams or fraudulent schemes.

Seniors often have a significant amount of wealth tied up in their homes, therefore decisions about releasing the equity in their home or other financial solutions are particularly important and can be overwhelming as much as they are life changing. Unsurprisingly, older homeowners often look for brands that they can trust to provide them with sound solutions, and outcomes, that meet their needs.

When a brand is trusted, it can make a significant impact on the decision-making process. A trusted brand can help to alleviate concerns and fears around long-term financial decisions and provide a sense of security and confidence. This is particularly important for some seniors who may be less experienced in financial matters or more susceptible to scams.

One equity release provider has been successfully building trust with its customers for many years – even to the extent that many happy homeowners and their advisors will refer friends to Homesafe for them to consider the debt free equity release solution for themselves. In fact, 1 in 5 homeowners who enquire with Homesafe Wealth Release® are referred by someone they know.

When a friend or family member recommends a brand or product, it can provide an additional layer of assurance and validation that the brand can be trusted. Moreover, as family members are strongly encouraged to participate in the decision-making process, many children of homeowners will start the ball rolling and make the first enquiry on behalf of the homeowner.

Homesafe Wealth Release has established a reputation for transparency and ethical business practices, which is crucial for building trust in the equity release market. Homesafe’s solution is designed to provide older homeowners with financial independence and peace of mind without the need to sell their home or take on debt or use a reverse mortgage.

The Homesafe Wealth Release option is not a loan. As you don’t borrow money, there are no capitalising interest charges over time. Repayments do not apply, and instead the share of the future sale proceeds of your home sold to Homesafe is capped so you can protect a portion of the equity in your home into the future – or for your beneficiaries. You can also sell your home at any time, or alternatively, Homesafe will receive its share of the sale proceeds after you have passed away*.

Building trust in a brand takes time and effort, and it requires a commitment to transparency, ethical practices, and providing exceptional customer service. Homesafe Wealth Release has demonstrated its commitment to these values for over 18 years and has consistently focused on providing older homeowners a reliable and trustworthy retirement funding solution.

The team at Homesafe takes the time to understand each homeowner’s unique situation and provides a personalised service to meet their needs. For more information on how Homesafe has helped older homeowners to find peace of mind in retirement for over 18 years, contact Homesafe on 1300 729 097 or visit


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