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Steve Day for Tree & Shrub Growers VIC

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2011 – Best In Show 2012


2020 Show Garden

Brought to you by Tree & Shrub Growers Vic and Mirvac

Designed by Steve Day

Constructed by Outer East Landscape Contractors, One Construction Group and ParksWide

‘Resilience’ seems to be one of the most talked about terms of the last few years. It’s something we’re told we should all strive to have, and we’re told it’s good for us. But what does it actually mean? And why is it good for us?

Firstly, let’s look at what it isn’t. Resilience isn’t never getting sick, or tired, or down, or sad, or overwhelmed, or just plain exhausted. Everyone experiences all these things. It’s a part of being human. We aren’t bulletproof.

Resilient people experience and feel all these things too, BUT they have the ability to bounce back quicker. To refocus easier. To get over setbacks quickly, keep moving forward and striving for their best. And as a result, are happier and healthier more often.

That sounds great. If resilience was sold in a store we would all be buying it! Of course, it isn’t, and it’s something we need to work on. There are many ways to improve resilience, and the good news is that plants and gardens can play a vital role.

Humans have an intrinsic link to the natural world. Studies have shown that people who are exposed to plants and greenlife on a daily basis have much lower levels of stress, and higher levels of general health and wellbeing. People feel more relaxed, have improved mindfulness and typically better physical fitness. The combination of all this helps people to be more resilient. Unfortunately, in an urban environment, sometimes having exposure to enough nature can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Residential gardens and trees, parks, streetscapes, street trees, shopping centres all have a part to play. The more green the better for individuals and the whole community. 

The ‘Resilience’ Show Garden at MIFGS 2020, is a physical demonstration of how an urban garden can be attractive, inviting, easy to maintain, and good for our health and wellbeing which in turn improves our resilience. We hope it inspires everyone to surround themselves with nature, and recognise how every garden has a part to play for the improved resilience of the whole community.

In a holistic approach, it also shows how we can improve the resilience of our actual gardens. When multiple plant species are used that complement each other and are suitable to the conditions, gardens become more resilient to pest and disease attack, and can even become more drought tolerant and resilient to climate change. The ‘Resilience’ garden demonstrates a diverse range of plant species that are located in appropriate cultural conditions to maximise their own resilience and benefits.

Finally, the ‘Resilience’ garden also pays tribute to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show on its 25th Anniversary. To survive and thrive for 25 years is great resilience! The Tree & Shrub Gowers Vic have been proud to be involved in every one of the shows by constructing show gardens ourselves each year, and also in the provision of hundreds of thousands of plants from our members for many show gardens, boutique, emergent and achievable gardens over the years. Now that’s Resilience!

See Steve Day for Tree & Shrub Growers VIC, as well as several other Best In Show designers all coming together for the 25th Anniversary of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.


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