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Water your way to a flourishing flower patch

Are your flowers drooping? Does your garden fade into the background? Whether you have a balcony or acreage, one flower bed or 10, there’s no better time to turn it around and create a colourful yard the neighbours will envy.

Hoselink, Australia’s top gardening supplies company, has put together a green-fingered guide to watering for continuous colour outside.

Be water wise

Water is essential for any garden plant to grow, but how much water your garden needs can vary between soil types, sunlight and genus of flower. If you have sandy soil in your patch then water will be absorbed and used more quickly than if you have clay soil, which holds water really well – sometimes too well! Loam soil is the perfect middle ground, easily absorbing water without drying out too fast. If you’re using organic matter such as compost or mulch your garden will need a little more water to soak to the depth you want, though it is fantastic at retaining moisture so your plants may not require watering as often.

Tip: Get away with watering your flowers less frequently by giving them a good soaking once or twice per week.

Perfect timing

Never water at the hottest part of the day. When the sun is blazing, so is your garden, and any water used will evaporate at a rapid rate. Watering first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon are the optimum times of day to give your flower patch some TLC. If you live in a humid climate, morning is best, offering your plants plenty of time to dry off throughout the day to avoid fungal diseases. If you have a problem-free patch that isn’t prone to disease, or live in an arid climate, then afternoon watering is fine, though try and avoid saturating leaves.

Tip: Check the weight of your potted plants when dry and compare it to how they feel once they’ve been well watered. Soon you’ll get to know how much water your plants need based on how heavy the pot is.

Take it slow

Often watering is much more effective when water is released slowly, directly to the roots of a plant – not its foliage. A happy, well saturated root zone is the key to a flourishing seedling, house plant, veggie patch or raised flower bed. Hoselink’s root waterer and soil breaker is designed to help you reach the roots of your plant with ease, allowing you to water direct at the source without wasting a drop.

Tip: A weeper hose is another great way of directing water straight to the roots of a plant with minimal effort and wastage.


Don’t blame it on the weatherman

If the heavens open then turn off that sprinkler! The weather throughout the year determines just how much extra water your garden actually needs, so pay close attention. Depending on the part of Australia you live in, you can take a good guess at which is your wettest season and which is your driest. Watering with a timer or sprinkler system is one quick and easy way to meet your garden’s needs with minimal effort, allowing you to set a day, time and frequency to water your yard that can be adjusted throughout the seasons.

Tip: Where you position your plants will affect how they grow and how much water they need. Partially shaded spots won’t require as much water as open, sunny spots, but remember if rain begins to fall then those shady and sheltered areas won’t feel the benefit, so may still need some extra care.


Editorial Contribution by Natalie Crofts (Hoselink)

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