26th March - 30th March 2025


Vineyards and roses – a perfect pairing!   

Ever found yourself passing a vineyard with beautiful rose bushes standing proudly at the end of each row and wondered why? Why are roses planted at the end of vineyard rows? Let’s take a look.

Roses and vines are a beautiful partnership in the world of wine growing that originally came about for very practical reasons.

“Rose bushes were historically planted at the end of the vine rows as an early detection system,” says Wine Selectors Tasting Panellist Dave Mavor, a winemaker himself. “You see, roses are susceptible to the same problems as grapevines – problems like diseases, fungus and pestswhich tend to attack the roses before the vines as they are more sensitive.”

Practically then, roses became a handy early warning system for winegrowers of any environmental threats to their vines, much like the way canaries were traditionally used in coal mines as detectors of dangerous gases.

Find out more about their relationship here

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