26th March - 30th March 2025


Meet Sustainable Floristry Consultant and Educator

Meet Nadine Brown, one of Australia’s leading sustainable florists and educators on the mission to implement sustainable methods for the next generation of aspiring florists, showcasing minimal environmental impact at the Melbourne International Flower Show.

As a Sustainable Floristry Consultant and Educator, Nadine has provided guidance and mentorship to florists seeking advice on sustainable and ethical floristry methods.

For the first time in the history of the show, the competition criteria has been adjusted to reflect the changing times, bringing sustainability to the forefront. Nadine has been a longtime advocate for revolutionizing the floral industry toward a more environmentally conscious future.

“What an honor to be part of the iconic Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show’s sustainable direction this year. I applaud the organizers for rewarding designers who prioritize environmental and ethical impacts in their display and competition pieces. As the pinnacle of floristry competition nationally and globally, this step represents significant progress for our industry along with consumer awareness. As florists we are immersed in nature daily and understand the power of flowers; it just makes sense to operate our businesses and design in a way that respects the very nature we love! Get ready for unprecedented earth conscious floristry innovation this year!”

Attendees and guests to the show can expect to be captivated by Nadine’s ‘Tunnel of nature Love’ visionary display and immersive Masterclass experience to gain valuable insights into integrating sustainability into their own design and business practices. Prepare to be amazed by the innovative and environmentally conscious floral installations and competition entries at this year’s  Melbourne International Flower Show, as together, we embark on a journey toward an exciting and greener floral industry.


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