26th March - 30th March 2025


Shahn Stewart – Pocket Profile

Photography by Henry Trumble

As an Aboriginal-owned enterprise, Alchemy Orange serves as a tangible manifestation of cultural pride, blending the realms of floristry, Organic Architecture, and botanical art. Shahn Stewart, a visionary interdisciplinary artist, infuses her proud Yorta Yorta heritage into Alchemy Orange’s ethos. With a decade-long tenure as a florist, Shahn’s evolution has birthed a contemporary floristry style that echoes her diverse influences. At the helm of Alchemy Orange, Shahn’s creations transcend mere aesthetics, embodying the essence of organic architecture and emphasizing the profound significance of cultural connection through sustainable practices. Her work serves as a conduit for healing Country and fostering a deeper understanding of Aboriginal culture.”

Yorta Yorta artist Shahn Steward is the driving force behind Alchemy Orange. We are thrilled to welcome Shahn to the 2024 #melbflowershow where she will be featured in the all-new hanging installation Blooms Unleashed.

“By embracing these often overlooked materials, I pay respect to Country and to the ever-unfolding inspiration it provides. This activation encourages viewers to appreciate the boundless creativity found within the natural world. This is Wurundjeri Land, Aboriginal Land. We are guests here on this Country, and it’s an honor to share in its beauty and significance.” – Shahn Stewart

Photography by Melissa Cowan

When/How did you get into the industry?

I left highschool for a full time Floristry traineeship back in 2010, 14 years ago and never looked back. Also being an Aboriginal woman I think a deeply rooted kinship and connection to Country has always been innate, it only made sense to be working in a field where Country was at the forefront of my mind. It’s helped me deepen connections as well which has been invaluable.

What are you most excited about at this year’s #melbflower show?

I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone works inside the criteria for sustainable displays. Once you get rid of harmful and environmentally damaging materials your practice evolves in so many ways. Also I’m really excited for the Inaugural Indigenous Garden, big yes to this.

What is your favourite flower trend of the season?

Reducing the amount of varieties and creating en masse compositions. Feels like there’s been a huge shift away from the traditional, heavily mixed floral arrangements and more so toward more nuanced compositions. Creating something with defined form, depth, texture and colour brings your attention to individual varieties and you can really appreciate them for all that they are

Who has been the biggest influence on your floral career?

There are many, one stand out was my time working under Lisschelle Masters in my earlier years. She would deconstruct a single head of bloom, then meticulously repiece together into this otherworldly sculpture. Our years together showed me to look past a variety’s face value and look deeper into the possibilities. She helped me appreciate a material’s form, line or texture, and also to think outside the box on how it could be used Her work can be found via this link – https://www.instagram.com/lisschelemasters/?hl=en

Other influences include Florists Frida Kim, Hamish Powell and Fibre artist Tracey Deep. Just all so talented in their own ways.

If you could invite any three people to a garden party who would they be?

Tough one! Only 3? 

I would invite Erykah Badu for bringing the music of the soul

Floral artist Wagner Kreusch because he is excellent, and I’d love to pick his brain

Then probably my beautiful friend/incredible painter Shannon McCulloch because to know him is to love him!

If you had a floristry super power what would it be?

Super strong hand skin so that gloves were never necessary! I am drawn to the most beautiful and spikey materials.


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