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Five quick tricks to give you instant curb appeal

Whether you are selling your house, setting aside some time for a spring clean or just want to up the neighbourhood ante, there’s no time like the present to pull on the gloves and kick an ugly house façade to the curb.

As Australian leaders in DIY Power Tools and battery powered Outdoor Equipment, Ryobi experts help you find the right tool for your next project.

Wayne from Ryobi is an expert in home DIY. Here are his top tips in increasing your home’s curb appeal.


A vertical planter is a neat way to tidy and display your smaller plants and add interest to your garden.

  • Add drainage holes to the bottom of each row to allow the water to flow through
  • Stain or paint the box with exterior finish or marine varnish to protect the timber in the weather & from rotting
  • Check your plants’ sun requirements – place in the sun or shade accordingly
  • Replace annuals regularly
  • Feed, water and prune regularly to ensure your plants stay healthy and under control
  • Consider installing a watering system if you’re not home a lot, so that they get adequate water – especially important during the summer months
  • If affixing to weatherboard walls or fences, use a drill or impact driver. If attaching to a brick or stone wall, you’ll need to use a hammer drill to pre-drill and anchor into the wall


Give your flowers the home they deserve. Watch as colourful blooms stretch their way over the edge of a windowsill, brightening up not just your home but your face as your walk in through your front gate.

This is really the same as above, additionally

  • Secure to window sill with brackets or braces using a drill driver.


It might just need a good lick of paint or a full revamp, but updating your letterbox can result in an instantly rewarding surge of energy in your front yard.

  • ‘Sand, paint or stain wooden ones to give them new life. De-rust and paint metal – you’ll need to use a primer to ensure paint sticks to the metal
  • If it’s beyond repair, consider building your own, or replacing with one of the new affordable stylish ones now available
  • Considering adding a splash of colour as a feature
  • To get a really integrated look, consider the plants you put around it – make sure they don’t get out of hand and cover the box
  • Install your numbers so it’s easy for the postie to find you – use a drill driver to screw onto the front (or hammer drill to pre-drill if you’ve got a brick one)
  • Light it up so visitors can find you at night with solar or low voltage lights or illuminated numbers


If all roads lead to Rome, then all pathways must lead to home? Whatever path you take, it should be a good one. To reinvigorate your home and enhance your curb appeal, start where your visitors start and create your own yellow brick road.

  • Use metal or Jarra edging to define the path. Use an impact wrench to secure your bolts quickly and easily
  • Cut your edging to fit using a circular saw or mitre saw
  • Lay weed-mat down and then fill it with river pebbles in-between sleeper treads or pavers spaced apart
  • Light the way with path lights as a decorative feature (and to avoid any trips or falls)


Finish off your garden with a pristine lawn

  • Make sure to water and fertilise your lawn regularly to keep it nice and healthy
  • Set the depth on your lawnmower to suit your kind of turf – avoid cutting the lawn too short
  • Using a line trimmer or edger, clean up the edges for the really manicured look

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