26th March - 30th March 2025


Winter gardening tips

The crisp Winter morning air has truly arrived, especially in Melbourne but it doesn’t mean you should ignore your garden through the Winter months.

There are plenty of flowers to plant, vegetables to grow & maintenance to take care of until Spring arrives.

Follow these winter gardening tips to get your garden ready for September:

Plant rotation:

Rotate your plants to make sure they are getting the optimum amount of sunlight. For those starting a garden bed, make sure to consider its positioning and how much sun it will get.


Water your plants & flower beds in the morning time to ensure the water gets absorbed during the day so it won’t freeze your plants during the night.

Winter veggies:

There are several vegetables that are suited to Winter weather so you can get straight to planting.

Some vegetables that work in Winter climates include: Spinach, leek, cabbage, celery, onions & carrots – Did someone say soup?

Take a look at our tasty homemade vegetable soup recipe here.

Clean your gutters:

As the trees drop off all of their leaves they can easily fall onto the roofs of houses & get stuck in the gutters. It’s important to keep the gutters clear to ensure the flow of water.

Outdoor Winter space: 

It’s time to kit out your outdoor garden space for the winter months. Try adding some outdoor heating, blankets & covering to your outdoor space so its always welcoming despite the weather. Take a look at our tips for installing your own winter fire pit here.


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