26th March - 30th March 2025


Dayne Robinson – Pocket Profile

A seasoned florist with nearly two decades of experience, turning a childhood passion into a flourishing career. As a multi-award-winning florist, Dayne proudly represented Australia on the international stage, securing two national titles. Beyond crafting stunning arrangements for my clients at Pinkie Promise, Dayne is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of florists through teaching at MMC and The Gordon.

Having participated in #melbflowershow since my apprentice days in 2010 she has immersed herself in various competitions, consistently pushing creative boundaries. Whether it’s securing gold in the floral design category or simply relishing the joy of sharing her creativity, each appearance at the show is a highlight of her journey. Encouraging fellow florists to embrace the enriching experience of participating in this vibrant event – a space where creativity flourishes, industry bonds strengthen, and unexpected opportunities blossom. 

When/How did you get into the industry?

I applied for a job at my local florist when I was 14.  It was my first job and I was still in school, I had dreams of becoming a dentist but once I started working in the florist I fell in love with floristry and the industry. I just knew this was what I was meant to do. A few years later I started an apprenticeship and by the age of 21 I represented Australia in floristry at an International level. I absolutely love my job it’s a dream career.

What are you most excited about at this year’s #melbflower show?

I teach floristry at Marjorie Milner College and The Gordon and I will have many students competing in the student competitions.

So, this year I’m looking forward to supporting my students through this journey, and seeing the beautiful arrangements they create.

What is your favourite flower trend of the season?

Sustainability is really trending throughout all industries at the moment and I’m excited to see what this brings to our industry!

I am loving the garden/natural looks that are emerging, incorporating flowers with natural elements like seed pods, and even plants. I looking forward to seeing some creative natural designs – potentially including some peachy and apricot tones (which are my absolutely favourite!)

Lastly, I will always be a huge fan of big, bold colours.  I am hoping to see really bright wow factor colour palettes make an appearance this year too.

Who has been the biggest influence on your floral career?

My family and nature – I grew up in the garden with my grandmother, my mum and my aunties. They were always fiddling, planting and changing their gardens around,  I was raised outside in nature, learning to appreciate nature, flowers and gardening.

My mentor – Natalie Raffaele (aka my stage mum) she has been my biggest support from day one and she will always be an inspiration and have a huge influence on me.

If you could invite any three people to a garden party who would they be?

Alison Wright (photojournalist) – Alison Wright was an amazing women. Adventurous, fearless and an absolute inspiration.

The talking flower patch from Alice in Wonderland – who wouldn’t want to talk to flowers?

Paul Rudd – no explanation needed.

If you had a floristry super power what would it be?

I would love to have a superpower the same as Elsa from Frozen – but with flowers.

Almost like a floral composer. To shoot flowers out of my hands, anytime, anywhere. It would not only make work easier, but also make the world happier as I shoot flowers everywhere at everyone.


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