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How to care for your indoor plant

Like your outdoor plants, indoor plants also have their specific needs. This does make it tricky to generalise the ways in which we care for them. However we have come up with some simple tips on how to look after your houseplant, whether it be a succulent or foliage plant


Be careful not to kill your pet plant with kindness. The most common mistake when it comes to indoor plant care is over watering as they need air, just as much as they need water. Make sure you’re not drowning the poor thing.

You should generally be watering your plant once a week. Here is a guide to help you know when you should be watering your foliage plants.

Stick your whole finger into the potting mix. (We recommend using potting mix, rather than soil, as it is lightweight and allows for good drainage).

If the mix is:

Wet – don’t water

Damp – don’t water

Tiny bit moist and your plant is a big drinker like some ferns – water it. If your plant is an average to low drinker like a succulent, don’t water it.

Dry – water it

You should lift the leaves and soak your plant’s potting mix with lukewarm water until a trickle appears from the drainage hole. Let it sit in it’s saucer for a good half an hour, then empty any remaining water from the saucer.


Most indoor plants thrive in bright indirect light, while cacti and some succulents are happy in direct sun. If mature leaves turn yellow, and new leaves are growing small are gangly, it is a good indicator that your precious plant is either getting too much/ not enough sun. Move it into a more appropriate spot and watch it flourish.


You will be happy to hear that due to the low-maintenance nature of your plant, they do not require fertiliser.  They get their minerals from the air, water & their potting mix, and they are nourished & energised by the sun.

The best way to ensure you plant stays healthy, is to just make a habit of checking on it. If it is looking a little bit limp then change up its environment to find out what it needs to flourish. It probably just needs a little less water, or a little more sun.


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