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Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants

For all those wannabe gardeners, or those who are time-poor, find out which plants are made for you with our Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants guide.


The Pothos plant is the perfect first indoor plant. It has an air-purifying quality that absorbs and strips toxins from materials such as carpet, so if you allergic to dust mites, this is your go to! This plant has beautiful trailing stems that allow it to hang from a basket or work as a climbing plant in your home.

  • Avoid direct sunlight,
  • Thrives in an array of lighting conditions,
  • Can be grown in wet or in dry soil.

Aloe Vera

The aloe plant has multiple uses, including being a nice touch in your home. This succulent is best known for its medicinal properties to remedy skin condition such as sunburn, psoriasis and rashes. Boasting vibrant green leaves, the pointed leaves can grow 3meters long, becoming a main feature in your home.

  • Being part of the succulent family, this indoor plant requires very little watering and lots of sunlight.

Jade Plant

The Jade plant is an extremely popular succulent house plant. Considered a symbol of good luck, this succulent offers thick, lush emerald leaves. This plant is incredibly easy to look after, with amazing longevity, often considered a great house warming gift.

  • Thrives in natural sunlight,
  • Requires very little watering.

Peace Lily

Extremely dainty in shape and size, the Peace Lily plant displays attractive dark green foliage and features a beautiful white bloom, making this lily the perfect house and office plant.

  • Keep in cool, dark spaces.
  • Prefers moist soil.

Snake Plant

The perfect plant for the forgetful, the Snake Plant can be neglected for weeks at a time and still present its stripy, lush leaves. Well known for its stiff upright leaves, this architectural plant will always look fresh.

  • Prefers sunlight, and dry soil between watering.


If you want to bring the tropical holiday back with you, then the Bromeliad is your plant of choice. Bromeliad’s are one of the toughest plants on the market, and are perfect for the unpredictable Australian climate.

  • Thrives in sunlight and shade,
  • Avoid over watering as it collects water in the centre of the plant.

Bird of Paradise

Common in every Australian garden, the Bird of Paradise plant blooms all year round and can withstand direct sunlight. Best known for its unusual, bird-like shape and tropical colouring, this is the perfect Australian plant.

  • Once established, this very hardy plant can withstand dry spells,
  • Plant in well-drained soil.

Mondo Grass

You’ve probably seen these plants in the front yard of every Australian home. The Mondo Grass is best described as a tuft of dark-green foliage, that requires minimal care once established. There is no need to include this plant to your trimming list.

  • Thrives in sunlight, however, make sure to keep the soil moist while new.

Bamboo Palm

An air-purifying plant, the Bamboo Palm is considered one of the easiest plants to grow both indoor and outdoor. The Bamboo Palm usually grows in bunches and can grow up to 3 meters high if placed in a large pot, and can add an oriental touch to your home.

  • Thrives in moist soil, can be kept in direct sunlight or shade.


An animal owners biggest concern is their pets health. If your cat or dog loves to eat plants, then this one is for you. The Echeveria plant belongs to the succulent family, and is non-toxic to animals. This hardy, drought-tolerant succulent can tolerate the extreme Australian Summer and comes in a variety of colours and sizes, making it a great addition as an outdoor or indoor plant.

  • Thrives best in direct sunlight.
  • Keep soil moist, however does not need to be watered regularly.


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