March 2025


Top 10 Gardening tips for an Australian Spring

Spring is a great time to be alive for home gardeners in Australia. The chill is gone from the mornings, and the cosy afternoons are getting snugger and longer. Flowers are bursting and you can whiff spring in the breeze wherever you go. If you have been lying dormant through the winter season, now is the right time to get out and into your garden.

This is a wonderful time to begin your garden, establish new garden sheds, plant just about anything, fix up neglected areas, renovate your yard, and give your lawn its once-a-year pasturage of fertiliser. So here are some of the garden preparation tips that Australians can implement to prepare their home gardens.

Fertilise Your Garden

This is a wonderful time to fertilise your lawn. The grass crowns will collect the fertiliser, augmenting the chances for growth. Australian soils are fundamentally high in salt, nutrient poor and weak. This implies that while several species appreciate fertiliser, it is excellent to use moderately. Like all lawns, soil preparation is indispensable. So before planting, you must dig the ground well, and where there is clay, you must add some gypsum. Although your soil need not be extremely rich, but tropical samples require organic matter. Also, you must use manures and mulch instead of inorganic chemical fertilisers.

Garden Update

Apply a moderate-release complete garden feed to all grass areas. You can use a metal rake to eliminate any build-up of dead growth. If your garden is looking reseed and sparse, dig in some water and organic matter, along with a soil wetting agent. Also, make sure you keep everyone off areas that are being revamped until the new grass is growing healthily.

Top Up Organic Mulch

A prompt way to spruce up your lawn, save water and cut weeds at the same time during spring is with a load of mulch. Eliminate encroaching grass throughout lawn beds, and spread organic mulch all over exposed soil.

Sow Seed

Spring is the best time to plant cuttings or sow seed. You can grow best from seeds during this season and for maintenance, you do not require much work and can benefit from the sporadic prune post flowering.

Soak Your Evergreens

As the sun shines brightly on your evergreens in the spring, they ask the roots for water. And in the absence of water, the vegetation turns brown. That is why, it is imperative to soak your conifers in this season. Just like Ken Brown (gardening guru) says, ‘the cold does not harm the conifers, the sun harms them when they cannot supplant water’.

Plant Perennials

September is a good time to plant perennials. They have about 45 days to establish themselves in the ground during the spring season. This is the best time of the year to plant them, and also you will get them at the best price.

Plant Just About Anything

Yes, spring season is a rewarding time to plant annuals, shrubs and trees. You can extend your lawn to accommodate new and fresh plantings. Clear away weeds, dig in some organic matter and prepare for new horticulture.


Get The Right Tools

Some of the tools like ground hose guide, handy snippers, pole pruners, hedge shears, etc. can really be useful for your spring lawn preparations. These tools are specially formulated to provide extra power while cutting, protect your plantings, prune and style your garden, cut heavy foliage, small branches and woody stems. All the products ensure high durability, long lasting sharpness, corrosion resistance and clean cutting.

 Look Out For Pests

In northern regions of Australia, termites perform harmful activities where soil is moist and warm. Most species attack garden timber, so it is recommended to keep lawn tools with hardwood stakes and wooden handles off the ground.


Good lawn preparation in spring season is critical for your lawn to survive the dwindling impacts of the Australian weather. While many central and southern areas bake dry, several other regions are replenished by drenching storms. However, you need to divide effort and time between keeping your lawns in good shape and also enjoying them during the spring season.

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Editorial contribution from Hoselink.


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