20th March - 24th March 2024


Victorian Schools Garden Program

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show presented by Scotts Osmocote in partnership with Victorian Schools Garden Program, are delighted to welcome school aged children and their teachers to enjoy a free suite of gardening activities to encourage the use of outdoor spaces at schools, and educate and inspire the next generation of green thumbs.

The Schools Program, running from Wednesday – Friday, will deliver a range of activities, all designed to promote a true connection and understanding of the natural environment.

The Schools Program is open to all Victorian schools and International students. You can register for free and attend the Show across one of the three free student days. Schools are provided with dedicated drop-off and pick-up areas for buses to make attendance as convenient as possible.

School Entry into Show

All schools will enter the show via the Exhibitors and Schools entry off Nicholson St (opposite Gertrude Street). Please see map for location.

If catching a bus – buses should drop off students and teachers on Nicholson street (see map). Buses will then need to park away from site and return at a designated collection time from the same location. Student groups should then approach the Exhibitor and Schools Entry by foot.

At the Exhibitors and School entry, security will have a list of schools with the school’s name, main contact, number of students and teachers/adults registered. Teachers/adults will be given a ticket to enter, while students will just be allowed into the show via the entry gate.

Complimentary Ticket – each school student attending the show will be given a complimentary code for a free adult ticket to the show for the weekend.  These ticket codes will be sent separately to schools.

Be Prepared 

As it is now Autumn, the mornings can be cool and the afternoons warm.  Please be prepared for all weather types, Melbourne can show all four seasons in one day.

Bring along snacks, lunch and wattle bottles.  There are many areas at the show where you can sit and eat your lunch.  Water bottle refilling stations are throughout the show. Food outlets are also available should you wish to buy your lunch, drinks or snacks.


Check out a few awesome kids activities hosted by the Nursery Garden Industry Victoria at the Show!

Victorian Schools Garden Program (VSGP) marquee

The VSGP marquee invites all children/students to come along to explore the microscopic world of insects, plants and vegetables, and to get their hands dirty potting an edible plant that they can take home, watch grow and eat.


Reuse and recycle: Sustainable Scarecrow Competition  

Bring young minds together to build a Sustainable Scarecrow to ward off critters in the Home Grown Patch at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2023.

Scarecrows and other deterrents have long been used in the plant world to ward off unwanted animals from crops as a natural pest control. Demonstrate sustainability, innovation and applied design with S.T.E.M by using reused and recycled materials.

The Sustainable Scarecrows will be showcased in the middle of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, sharing and inspiring the possibility of recycling and reusing for the community.

Summary of Entry Process

Step 1 – Express your interest to enter  https://app.sli.do/event/h4gmsRKMR2K64i3tGa7L2Z/embed/polls/c81ee291-feea-4b09-a734-2fb27f89c523 (help gage number of scarecrows being received)

Step 2 – Register your scarecrows entry https://app.sli.do/event/v9bQjJgz4KoFe7sfpeGrTC/embed/polls/24d01156-ec3a-46dc-b7d1-7e937c2fc455– by Friday 17th March (confirms your entry into competition)

Step 3 – Delivery your scarecrow to the show – Thursday 23rd or Friday 24th March 2023.  See brief for details.

Step 4 – Collect your scarecrow – Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4 April 2023

If you have any questions, email vsgp@ngiv.com.au or phone the VSGP office on 9567 0599.



If you would like more information sent to your school email vsgp@ngiv.com.au with any enquiries.


Sculpture Precinct

The ASV presents: Bugs and Beetles – a Kid Friendly Activity
Everyone, young and old, is invited to create their own beautiful or beastly bug/ beetle with clay and decorative natural materials (such as twigs, feathers, tiny pebbles etc.) Completed mini sculptures can then be taken home to live in their garden or pot plant ….and with weathering subsequently return to the environment. The activity will be run by Jude Bridges-Tull who has been teaching primary school art for 40years and has worked at the Heidi Museum and the National Gallery of Victoria. The activity will run all day Saturday the 1st of April and Sunday 2nd of April morning only. Looking forward to seeing some creative beasties.





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