30 March to 3 April 2022



Floral Wearable Workshops | Flowers By Julia Rose

Internationally Acclaimed Floral Artist Julia Rose will be hosting 5x exclusive workshops at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH, Large Wearable – Tropical Foliage Headpiece

Over the top design – Fashion-forward piece created with tropical Foliage. Create a fabulous and bold look with tropical greenery.

A fresh creative session, where you will dive into that Fantasy styled Floral Couture work – the style Julia Rose is known for!  Wild, Free & Fashion orientated.

THURSDAY 26 MARCH, Random Weave Session

Create your own organic art piece Handwoven from native palms and husks.

Julia Rose will run a session on how to create a random handwoven piece, woven from dried palm fonds and hard palm husks. This piece can be sued as a headpiece or Art Sculpture in your home.

FRIDAY 27 MARCH, Wire Weaving – Fresh Floral Necklace

During this session, students will create decorative pieces by weaving several wire gauges into a unique piece of wearable art, floral jewellery.

A perfect beginners class, the options are endless and only your imagination will limit what you create!

SATURDAY 28 MARCH, Fresh Floral Headband, Side Feature

Create a stunning side feature in a mixture of beautiful blooms, greenery and vines.

Julia Rose will be teaching simple techniques to make a Floral Headband with a wild and colourful gorgeous focal point to one side.

SUNDAY 29 MARCH, Wire Weaving – Large Wearable, Structural with a Pop headpiece

In this floral workshop, we will be creating a fashion-forward structural with a pop headpiece created in a unique mixture of flowers, spear grass and berries.

Let’s have some fun whilst learning how to create a large Avante Wearable Fresh Flower headpiece.

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Floral Design Workshop | The Melbourne Flower School

Learn from the best, with a Floral Design workshop brought to you by The Melbourne Flower School.

Melbourne Flower School will guide you step by step through this 45min workshop.
We take a simple glass bowl, 22cm diameter x 9cm high and create this beautiful centrepiece.
Using various foliages, Silver Birch discs, pebbles, Phalaenopsis Orchid and more…
You will be amazed at how easy your design comes together!

You will be able to leave your beautiful design with us, enjoy the Show and collect before you leave at the end of your day.

Book a Melbourne Flower School Floral Design Workshop now, limited spots available so don’t miss out!

Botanical Workshop | Kokedama

The Japanese kokedama translates to moss-ball, koke meaning ‘moss’ and dama meaning ‘ball’.

Come join us in this hands on, intimate workshop where you will make 2 of your very own living, organic sculptural moss balls: kokedamas.

You will get to choose your own 2 x plants, with plenty of care instructions.

All materials will be supplied, just bring yourself.

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