March 2025


MINT Pool + Landscape Design

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show Winner 2013

MINT Design is a small team of creative professionals whom share the goal of creating distinctive pools and landscapes that promote a more social outdoor lifestyle.

MINT Design has been at the forefront of landscape design in Melbourne for the past 15 years. Specialising in high-end residential properties, each design is built upon the key principles of restraint, unity and elegance.. MINT Design creates spaces that are people-centric, considering how people interact within their landscape, in order for them to realise the benefits of a well-designed outdoor space.

Changes in Garden Design & Current Industry Views

Landscape design has seen a huge change from merely a cottager industry 30 plus years ago to a ‘must have on people’s wish list now’. Gardens were simply viewed as ‘something pretty to look out upon from the house’.

Now days, they are about the people and importantly, how people interact with their landscape and how that in turn improves the way in which they relate to each other. Through design we can bind family and friends together, either with a pool to relax or good positioned seating for conversations. These were never conscious decisions years ago.

We now design and build liveable landscapes, not just gardens for gardeners. The landscape is now viewed as an important integration with most great homes. Australia’s desirable climate and love of the great outdoors make enhancing outdoor living a further priority.

Creating an all-purpose space that is essentially an extension of the indoors, including an outdoor kitchen and lounge area, is viewed as an investment. People want to socialise in more-refined areas, whilst enjoying the creature comforts that are now readily available.

Landscape designers are also applying a more a holistic approach to design. How a landscape can impact a person’s well being is a major factor driving designers to create spaces that promote well-being. A well-designed space can make people feel comfortable and at ease, increasing social interaction and reducing anti-social behaviour, isolation and stress. They are also restorative, uplifting and healing for both physical and mental health conditions.

Another major influencing factor changing the way in which landscape designers communicate design is through technology. Over recent decades, computer aided design has seen major advancement in landscape design. Perhaps the most rapid gains have been using three-dimensional design (3D).

3D is a new means of communication. It affords the landscape designer the ability to communicate visually, enhancing the ability to introduce new design concepts and gain buy-in from the client. This was not always the case using 2D drawings. This greater level of perception is fast becoming a sought-after feature/ expectation of clients when engaging landscape design services.

2020 Show Garden

‘Aurum’ (the latin meaning for gold) is an exploration of form, materials, texture, pattern and colour in the landscape. Much like the modern Hollywood style, Aurum is unashamedly hedonistic and glamorous yet grounded in nature.

The design weaves elements of modernism and art deco together and reinterprets them using contemporary design principles. The fresh colour palette brings aesthetics to the fore in a design that is climate conscious and people-centric.

Where contemporary design in Melbourne has sought to separate architectural form and nature into disparate ideals, Aurum demonstrates how the two entities can sit comfortably together.

Aurum consists of a series of spaces that flow cohesively without a social hierarchy. It is a garden to be used casually, a space to relax and enjoy, and to create memories.

Like all art, Aurum is an exploration of balance within the landscape.

See MINT Pool + Landscape Design, as well as several other Best In Show designers all coming together for the 25th Anniversary of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.


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