March 2025


Make Your Own Backyard Cricket Pitch


With the Summer of Cricket in full swing here in Australia we’re sharing some tips on how to make your very own backyard cricket pitch, thanks to Lawn Solutions.

TIP 1.  Preparing a pitch is best done in spring or summer, as mowing your lawn really low when it’s not actively growing is not a good idea.

TIP 2.  A pitch is best made on grass varieties like Couch or TifTuf for example, that have the ability to be mowed quite low and still recover. Varieties such as Kikuyu and Buffalo are also acceptable, but don’t mow Buffalo too low as it doesn’t have any rhizomes, which are root-like stems beneath the ground that produce grass shoots.

TIP 3.  Location is very important. The best spot for a pitch is preferably in front of the garage, a fence or wall, so you can have an automatic wicketkeeper for one-on-one games. Also, keep in mind where four runs or six and out will be; where is it best to bowl from, etc.

Once you’ve picked a spot, mark the length of your pitch. If you have older kids, make the pitch as long as your yard allows. For younger kids you may want to make your pitch a bit shorter.

TIP 4.  Next, drop the height of the blades on your mower. You need to mow the pitch into the existing lawn nice and short so you’ll get more bounce. Plus, it will look more like the pitches you see on TV, with nice contrast to the rest of the yard. Remember though, don’t mow down to dirt or you’ll have a sticky wicket: dead grass!

You may have to mow a few times, depending on how thick your grass is. Keep your catcher on to remove your clippings so there is nothing left on the surface.

Once you’ve removed your clippings, it’s time to set up stumps!

If you have wooden stumps and bails, knock ‘em into the ground. If you have metal stumps place them in position. If you want to get more creative, go for the good old council bin, Esky, stack of buckets or even tape a set of stumps onto the wall or fence.

After this, grab some marking paint and mark the crease at either end. Make the crease as long as the length of your bat plus its handle.

If you’ve got the room, you can mow a strip for the boundary.

Now you’re set to smash a six or send down a doosra.

TIP 5. Once you call stumps for the day, give the pitch an aerate and a deep soak. If there’s excessive wear, you may need to lay off it for a few days for it to recover.

BONUS TIP.  To add extra fun to your game, wrap some electrical tape around a tennis ball so that one half is completely covered in tape. This causes the ball to swing a lot in the air and really keeps the batsman guessing!


Happy batting and bowling!


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