March 2025


Looking for a new hobby?

We hear a lot from people who love their lawns. They love everything about their lawn and looking after it. The pride they have when it’s looking at its best and they are reaping the rewards of a well-executed lawn care plan is infectious.

Not everyone’s excited about lawn and the ins and outs of lawn care, Lawn Solutions Australia provides turf varieties that are low maintenance and also have a range of products ready to use so your lawn doesn’t have to be hard work. For those who find a special passion for their lawn, there is a lot they can learn, and it really can become a great hobby with plenty of great tips available from Lawn Solutions Australia.


5 Reasons why lawn can be a great hobby

  1. Looking after a lawn can be great exercise. Getting outside and active is great for your health!
  2. Looking after a lawn can be amazingly rewarding.
  3. There is always something new to learn!
  4. You can create the perfect space for your friends and family (or just for yourself) to enjoy!
  5. A good-looking lawn can increase the value of your home!


Types of lawn hobbyists:

Those who love… The Sporty Lawn

A functional lawn that provides a great sporting surface for fun and games in the backyard. A great space for kids and’s pets to play. Also, one for the more serious sports fans, providing the perfect backyard soccer field, putting green or cricket pitch.

Turf varieties such as Sir Walter DNA and TifTuf provide the perfect option for these types of lawn.


Those who love… The For-Show Lawn

Getting that show-piece lawn can take a little while but it’s not that difficult and is more about being consistent rather than fussy or fastidious about it.

Turf varieties such as Sir Grange and Sir Walter DNA are great options for these types of lawns. These varieties are low maintenance, so getting that manicured finish can be much easier!


Those who love… The Mullet (business out the front – party out the back!)

A combination of the first two. This is the option increasing in popularity and is a perfect match for the Australian lifestyle.

Sir Walter DNASir Grange and TifTuf are all great turf varieties for getting this optimum result both out the front and out the back!


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