March 2025


Grow Your Own Garlic – Now is the Time to Plant

To celebrate the re-opening of the Diggers Club online store, the team is here to tell us all about planting garlic.

Gardeners traditionally have until the winter solstice on June 21 to plant garlic, so there is still enough time to order yours to grow a delicious, chemical-free crop to see you through next year.

Unusually warm and wet conditions this season have proven themselves to be ideal for growing garlic in raised beds and containers. If you’ve never grown garlic before, this is the year to try. It’s an easy crop to grow but it takes a few months, so make sure you plant in an area where it can be left until Christmas before harvesting.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Garlic

Garlic has been valued for both its culinary and medicinal properties for centuries. But did you know that the imported garlic on the supermarket shelves has been treated with the insecticidal gas, methyl bromide?

The EU have banned this chemical over 10 years ago and it is considered to be a potential carcinogen. Do you want to eat something that has come into contact with that stuff? 

A great alternative is to grow your own. 

Garlic is an annual crop that is best planted in autumn or the start of winter. It can take up to 8 months for a crop to be ready, so it does need a dedicated growing bed for a long time. Garlic grows best in climates with a clear distinction in day length from autumn to winter and into spring. The transition into longer days in spring is essential for the formation of good, plump bulbs. We recommend growing garlic in Heat Zone 1 – 6 and Cold Zone 9b – 11. You can view your zone here.

The best garlic for you to grow at home 

Heads of garlic are available from The Diggers Club between January and late April/May.  They grow out various garlic varieties and rate them for strength and richness of flavour, length of storage and size. Only the best are chosen and made available to their customers. They also source a selection of organic garlic from certified growers. 

Garlic Varieties

With garlic sprouting in just a couple of weeks, this is the perfect crop for beginners looking to get their hands in the soil.


A Creole variety with excellent flavour. Suitable for long term storage. A great garlic for first time growers and suits most climates. 2 Heads $9.95

Bluesky Creole

Organic. A late harvest Creole variety with thin skin and excellent storage. 2 Heads $11.95

Italian Late

An artichoke variety suitable for cool and warm climates. Medium heat. 2 Heads $9.95

Spanish Roja

A gold medal Creole. Excellent hot spicy flavour. 2 Heads $11.95

Become a Diggers Club Member today and you can choose to receive a free gift of Garlic ‘Purple Dynamite’, one of their favourite varieties. Plus, as a member you’ll save more on their special lucky dip Gamblers Choice Garlic. Discover a new favourite and grow enough to gift to family, friends and neighbours.


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