March 2025


Gardening isn’t always straight forward

Gardening isn’t always straight forward. Every garden has that spot that just seems impossible to establish plants in or get them thriving. In my garden its steep slopes that hamper my gardening pursuits and passions.

But thankfully at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show last year, I discovered the beautiful rusted look garden edging from Straightcurve. But instead of using it in the traditional edging sense, I’ve came up with 2 creative ways to use the products to overcome my garden hurdles.

Using Straightcurve Flexline edging, I created planting pockets that I could fill with wonderful plants on another-wise dull and lifeless slope. The Flexline edging is as the name suggests, able to flex into different shapes and it’s made from weathering galvanised steel, so it turns from the factory fresh grey to a beautiful rusted orangey/red over a few weeks – but it’s still strong enough to stand the test of time.

The Flexline edging comes in standard lengths that can easily be clicked together to make long sections.

For full instructions watch the below video or visit their website here.

If you are installing the Flexline on a slope you will need to anchor the pieces using their clever bracing system, with an adjustable turnbuckle to keep everything in place. This can be purchased separately from the edging when needed.

The plants I used to plant out the Straightcurve Flexline edging planters were tough and shade loving. A mix of colourful foliage and flowers added interest and colour to the site.

Plants used are:

– Arthripodium ‘Te Puna’

– Liriopes ‘Muscari Mauve’

– Brunnera ‘Silver Heart’

– Ajuga ‘Black Scallop’

Straightcurve edging isn’t all about curves. Their Boxline products can be joined together and stacked to create fabulous alternative planters too. You can even top the boxes with recycled timber to create a bench and fill the planter with edible flowers and herbs.

So think outside the box and you too can create some straight or curved garden magic!

Happy Gardening!

Gardenette Chloe

For full information about Straightcurve products please visit

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