20th March - 24th March 2024


Urban Wild – Suzannah Kennett-Lister & Josie Wilson - STAND A48b

We live in an altered and constantly altering landscape. Blocks grow smaller, hard surfaces spread. The heat rises and blisters. The rain turns to waves and comes again, and again. The space for reprieve, for relief, for life, is shrinking.

So how do we foster more, with less? Less space, less waste, less ego.
We keep it simple and we use what we have.

We celebrate the resilient and the robust, the weird and the wonderful. We acknowledge what has changed in our climate and in our landscape and we plant for the future to come. Plant what is native, what is naturalised, and those that will weather the storm.

We kill the monoculture. We garden for all; people, plants, insects and birds, reptiles and fungi. We garden to coexist and cohabit. We cultivate wilder spaces in urban places. Life erupting from the bitumen. We create gardens that connect our lives to others.


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