20th March - 24th March 2024


The Circles of Life – Daniel Althaus - STAND A48f

You hear the garden before you see it. Soft, trickling water gently caresses the raw Castlemaine rocks and cascades down a 3-tiered
water feature. In amongst native grasses and ground covers, a bird bath is nestled and rotates gently in the wind. It attracts native
animals and insects who are enticed by its familiarity to the natural habitat that once was. This will become a haven for hydration,
reproduction, and bathing.

The meandering gravel path takes the eye on a journey, emulating the Australian bushland and the animal trails that weave through
it. Each turn of a corner opens new potential and allows the mind to wander deeper into the landscape.
The path is smothered by striking shrubs, forming a gentle companionship where one does not exist without the other. The
structured clipping and sculpting of these plants signals intent and prepares them for their otherwise foreign surrounds of a domestic

Above the layered shrubs, stands a timeworn Angophera costata. It is the life source of the garden, offering shade from the harsh
Australian sun whilst also nurturing and feeding the microclimate beneath it. It lures you in to absorb the colours and textures,
unique to Australia and its ecosystem. The intricate and organic relationship each living fragment has with one another in this
environment is what this garden is all about. Welcome to The Circle of Life.


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