20th March - 24th March 2024


Tea in the Woods – Oliver Ashworth-Martin - STAND A48e

The simple act of sitting down and brewing a cup of restorative tea using the surrounding Lemon Myrtle leaves reminds
us to stop, connect with nature and awaken our senses.

Modern architectural features are softened by naturalistic and woodland style planting, gifting us a small piece of calm
within an ever growing and densifying urban environment. Earthy tones are mirrored throughout the design, while
simple window boxes connect inside with outside.

Three ‘Luscious’ water gum trees set the scene for an intimate space, while waxy gum vines climb up weathered posts,
creating verticality and movement with lustrous forms. These also provide attractive native alternatives to the
commonly used Magnolia tree and Star Jasmines.

An old salvaged metal tank celebrates rural ‘Australiana’, providing water to the plants during prolonged dry periods,
while also feeding a small sculptural water feature that echoes the movement and form of the garden space.

Simple planting with striking flowering tones and a warm pallet creates an enticing green oasis to sooth the senses. In
this small space we allow ourselves time to enjoy the humble pleasures of nature; the simple act of brewing a fresh cup
of lemon myrtle tea.


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