20th March - 24th March 2024


Old Trees Never Die – Tracie Dyson - STAND A48d

“Ugh, just get rid of it”.
… or are we throwing out something more precious?

· An old, dead tree leads us to wonder why it has not been removed. After years of critically important service to the health of our Earth, are we grateful? Can it still offer something unique and valuable?

· Representing our shared human story, old trees… and people, provide solid foundations for the establishment of resilient new generations. New life springing from ancient wisdom with a sense of balanced growth. An openness to learning cooperative new ways together leads to the development of wiser new ideas that will preserve ecologies and sustain resources for future generations

· Promise (water nest sculpture) – the egg embryo, sheltered and nurtured by the elders, and absorbing all knowledge of the past, will one day carry history’s lessons forward with strength, resilience and a more compassionate vision.

· Climate-hardy trees, shrubs and grasses, matched to local conditions, evoke a sense of generational permanence and belonging together in this place. Soft metallic tones, natural forms and contrasting foliage textures demonstrate the harmonies between diverse peoples and the rich and precious earth we all stand on.


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