20th March - 24th March 2024


Lunaria Pods – Inge Jabara - STAND A46

“Lunaria Pods”, designed and constructed by Inge Jabara Landscapes, draws inspiration from the biennial plant, Lunaria biennis. The garden takes its name and shape from the translucent pods of the Lunaria plant, which typically flower in the spring. Jabara was struck by the shape of the pods, individually and as branches, and the way they let light into where the seed is held, similar to how light enters a home. This led her to create a theatrical and futuristic Show Garden that mimics the branch and pod structures of the Lunaria plant from above.

The garden features traditional elements such as cooking, dining, sitting, and reflection, all interconnected by pathways, and nestled within a green woodland. The concept of the garden is to motivate people to create living spaces that are inspired by their living environment. The result is a futuristic green living space that integrates seamlessly with its surroundings. The pod community in the garden is envisioned to expand as a continuation of the branch and pod structures, made from 3D printed concrete by Contour3D, creating a larger fabric of community. “Lunaria Pods” is a thought-provoking garden that challenges our notions of how we live and interact with our surroundings.


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