20th March - 24th March 2024


It’s Not Nothing – Pauline Lane - STAND A48c

It’s Not Nothing’.
Grasslands are an intrinsic part of the Victorian landscape and a vital habitat. At first glance the flat, empty space looks like prime real estate… but if we look closer it’s already a sustainable ancient metropolis far more beautiful and full of purpose than we could create. All we need to do is to understand, protect and quietly enjoy.

Shhh… quietly enjoy and listen with all your senses. Can you hear the memories of the ancient grasslands rustling through the dry grasses? Eerily sighing through the she-oaks? Can you feel it in the mud squishing between your toes? Can you see it in the tiny creatures purposefully bobbing and weaving through the grasslands?

Whilst designing this garden, I delved into my memories of yabbying in Central Victoria, and realised how strongly the soothing sounds, textures and smell of the Grasslands have been imbued in me. They are a calming source to tap into in times of turmoil; a source of beauty and purpose.

A backyard inspired by our native grasslands, brimming with sensory stimulation, in which we can learn about the delicate intricacies of nature and create memories intrinsic to personal growth and wellbeing is definitely ‘Not Nothing’.


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