20th March - 24th March 2024


Composition – Christian Jenkins - STAND A54

A wellness garden, “Composition” is a place to explore one’s inner consciousness.

Transporting visitors to a place of serenity, the garden’s grand entrance features a forest of traditional Japanese trees and shrubs that bathe the senses as two bodies of water bring calmness. A natural stone cobble pathway leads the visitor through the garden with soft ground covers hugging each steppingstone. The pathway winds its way and ensures the visitor must walk slowly focusing on each step. To the left, a sunken fireplace area is surrounded by a circular seating area for visitors to gather, laugh and reflect.

Before entering the outdoor room that is softened with a green rooftop, a negative space of raked river sand and charcoal pebbles creates a sense of emptiness that is critical for one’s mind. Providing movement and a cleansing element to the design, the focal point of the garden is a large waterfall with a traditional Japanese rice paper wall as a backdrop. The 4m x 4m outdoor room creates a place for contemplation and a chance to immerse oneself in nature. A small decking area nestled into the corner of the front lagoon creates an idyllic spot to just ‘be’.

State-of-the-art lighting transforms this space into pure delight as the sun sets, giving the garden a new identity after dark.


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