20th March - 24th March 2024


Little Forest – FOOKS, Landscape Architecture - STAND D11d

Our studio advocates for high quality, connected, medium-high density housing for a sustainable future. But unfortunately, the external balcony spaces not well planned. Due to poor/unsightly views, proximity of neighbours, small scale, and hostile climatic conditions perhaps the balconies garden can sometimes be more about viewing from inside the apartment rather than occupying.


Our design includes a series beautiful of columns that spiral toward the soffit, light stalactites, acting as a sort of sculptural landscape landform. With plants suspended from the rotating discs the columns fill the balcony space  with colour and textures. Their form is inspired by the cooling blues and light aqua colours of Eucalyptus cinerea with its round shapes like leaves.


There is a sense of fantasy here. Moss’s, ferns and perhaps even mushrooms cover the columns.  This is a garden cosmos, a secret world of plants.   Plant species are Australian Natives, ferns, mosses and creepers, bringing the lushness of the Victorian remote rainforests and forests.  Old growth forest that need to be understood and protected.


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