20th March - 24th March 2024


2050 Ready – Fleur Clausen - STAND A48k

2050 Ready Garden
Small acts have a big impact

Our planet is experiencing unprecedented climatic change.
The 2050 Ready Garden attempts to future proof a private urban space, with a series of design ideas, to produce a garden of tranquil diversity to thrive and survive in extreme conditions.

Plants choices suit a range of climate zones, and are hardy enough to cope with hotter, colder, wetter, drier, windier conditions. Green grass promotes cooling while exotics and natives allow for year-round interest to enhance liveability and biodiversity. Colourful flowers and watering stations attract pollinators.

Storm water storage can be strategically released into the rain garden, prior to refill by the next rain event, ensuring every drop of precious water is fully utilised. Large trees and permeable surfaces also aid water absorption.

The design is inspired by a stylised water droplet. Lines, shapes and paths are fluid, inviting you in. Plants have been chosen for variation in texture and foliage. Long tapered structural grasses appear against soft perennials. Hues of deep blue and gold fill the palette, while tall forms sway and catch the eye as you sit in a quiet corner.


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