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Dean Herald – Rolling Stone Landscapes

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2011 – Best In Show

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show Winner 2011

Landscape Designer Dean Herald is one of Australia’s leading landscape designers. Managing Director and Principal Designer of Rolling Stone Landscapes, he, along with his skill team, have won gold medals for each of the seven show gardens he has designed and constructed, including the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show, London, Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show and Sydney in Bloom. Dean’s work has featured on many television programs, including Better Homes and Gardens and The Block, as well as being show cased in his own books titled “Resort Style Living” & “Residential Landscape Design’’.

Over the years Dean and his construction team has built a reputation for his work in the prestige residential market designing resort-style gardens and taking the concept of outdoor living and entertaining to an all new level. His influence in pool designs and architectural pavilions has enabled a refreshing blend between the hard and soft elements of the modern outdoor space.

Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2005
Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2007

What are your views on current “design stories” in the landscaping design sphere?

In Australia there has always been a strong connection with the landscape space as we have a culture and climate that allows the use of the outdoor space to be a natural part of our lives. Over time, the core objectives have changed little, that is a place to cook, dine and relax along with enjoyed an open space removed from the internal architecture. The ability to grow produce, enable a play space or connect with nature are all still core values that transcend time and trends. Peoples interest and expectations have certainly developed and they have given great value to design and implementation of a well thought out space which is tailored to how they want to live and its connection with their architecture.

How had landscape design changed in the last 25 years?

We have come a long way from a concrete path to the Hills Hoist being the main feature of the backyard and the open fire BBQ made of left-over house bricks in the back corner next to a lemon tree. The landscape design community have developed significantly over the last 25 years and this has been in line with home design and the two spaces connecting. In the past it was common to enter the backyard through the laundry and out the back door, something you would not consider now with large openings enabling a seamless connection with the indoor-outdoor lifestyle. As architectural expectations developed landscape design opportunities became endless to the point where an alfresco space is expected along with a sense of designed space which carries in the plant, product and furniture selections. As the design community is made up of innovators this will continue to develop further and tease news ways of providing a unique outdoor space experience

2020 Show Garden

The Gallery

The inspiration for this show garden is to challenge the expectation of garden art or a sculpture piece set within an outdoor space. Art is subjective and comes in so many elements and for this design I have selected a timeless piece which to many would be considered art and to others will certainly open minds to what a feature piece can be. The art piece will be housed in a gallery style structure with stone blades and large glass walls for a seamless connection with the garden. The design will also provide individual areas of a dining space and separate lounge area, all positioned to gain a direct connection with the visual piece. A water element surrounds the gallery providing movement and sound to the space, whilst enabling additional reflection of the art piece. The detailed planting layout will provide foliage contrast in colour, texture and shape and will bleed between the hard elements  

See Dean Herald – Rolling Stone Landscapes, as well as several other Best In Show designers all coming together for the 25th Anniversary of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.


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