27 - 31 MARCH 2019



Garden name: Harmony

Designers: Ben Harris & Meg Geary

“Our garden is a space where you can escape from the pace of modern living to immerse yourself in nature. It’s a space to sit and saturate the senses with the soothing sound of running water, the play of light on the ripples of the stream and the sensuous touch of cool water on your skin. It’s a garden with exotic and native plants side by side, built elements, and natural blending and merging. A place with no judgement, no labels, no pre-conceived ideas, a space to just be.

A stone steps lead up and into the garden and to a winding timber boardwalk. This takes you through a grassland of native and exotic planting, across the babbling stream to the heart of the garden, a curved deck which sits adjacent to a rushing waterfall. Rocks are placed to create natural sitting areas, or you can sit on the deck and dangle your toes in the passing water, and be cooled by the mist coming from the waterfall. A smaller meandering ‘sneak’ path takes you from the lawn through to a cool woodland area planted with lush foliage on the shady side of the garden”


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